Bungie Still King - GTA IV Fails to Deliver on Halo's Promise

From gameplayer... "Question: why the hell has no developer come close to matching the community features seen in Halo 3? It has been well over a year since we all played the Beta, which means for that long at the very least developers have known that Halo 3's amazing video swapping, stat-tracking and Forge features would be the standard by which their titles will be judged. Yet none of them have picked up the ball and run with it."

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Superfragilistic3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

You should! Bungie's efforts have forced developers to push the limits of online integration, user generated content and multiplayer offerings much further, particularly on consoles.

All gamers will benefit from Bungie's raising of the bar through upcoming titles such as Spore, LBP, Resistance 2, Banjo 3 and Animal Crossing. Hell even Rockstar admits such, they went multi thanks to Bungie!

Xbox is the BEST3771d ago

That's why you commenting right?

Asurastrike3771d ago

I'm not a fan of the Halo series but I must agree, Halo has the best community features for a console game...ever.

kingOVsticks3771d ago

halo is good and all but best community features yet on a next gen console but ever? no. Socom,LBP,resistance 2,spore,wardevil,warhammer, are coming out this year this gen has only begun:)

Superfragilistic3771d ago

Yes ever. None of those titles have yet been released ! lol

It's also why Halo 3 was so highly rated. Almost a year after it's release and nobody has come close to the mulitplayer variety, user generated content and online integration in the console space.

Of all the ones you mention I only forsee Spore and LBP coming close. In fact Spore will probably top it! The Web 2.0 functionality just with the creature creator is ridiculous.

Voiceofreason3771d ago

Spore? Spore isnt coming to any console except the Wii and that wont be the same game.

SlappingOysters3771d ago

civ, battlefield, unreal tournament, counter-strike - a lot of PC games.

But the list you made King is all theoritically good. Although it looks like Sony are going to try and steal from Halo with resistance 2

NO_PUDding3771d ago

Halo 3 and Resistance 2 are both crap.

And I like FPS's, but Call of Duty 4 is better than both.

Funny how Halo 3 is apparently best, and yet people jump ship to play a better game on the LIVE charts.

kingOVsticks3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

point taken, its was late last night and kinda sort of misconstrue ever with forever :P but If I had to get all technical like, the games don't really have to be release to have better community features then halo 3 just because we haven't experienced them doesn't mean it doesn't exist but you know that's just me beating the living sh!t out of a dead horse...

SixZeroFour3771d ago

i wonder if you even read the article...COD4 community is cr*p compared to halos community, all call of duty has to mix it up was the maps

halo is constantly mixing it up for the community by check forums for unique gameypes and making them a reality, the forge gametypes that playr create can be shared amongst other players, and bungie is adding a different game type every week for the double exp weekend playlist...on top of that, they are also producing map packs from old maps and completely new ones

i admit, i think what you were saying was that COD4's online GAMEPLAY and graphics are far better than halo 3's but that isnt what this article was about

mindedone3771d ago

What exactly don't you like about Resistence 2's gameplay?

Marceles3771d ago

"What exactly don't you like about Resistence 2's gameplay?"

The fact that he's never played it.

NO_PUDding3770d ago

I have seen it though, and I have alsop owned R:FoM for over a year. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, but so is Halo 3. But they are all a bit meh.

Mr Anonymous, I don't think it's crap,a dn you are right, I emant gameplay and such is better. But the actual Halo community is a rude bunch of Americans/British, I know, I have to hear them and I am English.

And it's not like that on every single game, I can assure you. R:FoM, has a much ncier atmosphere, even if some of your argued it was like a ghost town.

Eitehr way, I would prefer play CoD4 over both.

And sicne listening to a podcast, I heard that the two weapons thign was widely debated, and it's so they can introduce cool weapons early on, which suits me. But I still don't know. I will certainly rent it.

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eyeDEVOUR3771d ago

well they have obviously never played socom1,2 or online community in console gaming and way before halo...

1stKnighT3771d ago

Socom???? Puhleeeeeeeeeeeze! Keep that garbage out of here.

Superfragilistic3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

You can hate Halo 3, but if you were a gamer you'd acknowledge how far ahead of its time it was in the online and user generated content spaces for consoles.

You'd also acknowledge that thanks to Bungie's efforts other developers are following suit with Resistance 2, Spore, LBP and Banjo 3 amongst many others all pushing new boundaries as a result.

TheFritoBandito3771d ago

Halo 1 came out before Socom, and Halo 1 had an online community with xbconnect

NO_PUDding3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )


It did nothign of real note, other than take obvious advantage of new technology. It was old ideas, that would finally be able to come to fruition becuase of technology.

And it seems to be me, no otehr game wants to achieve that anyway, becuase for all it's acclaim, it's not all that. I prefer the original Halo, or Halo 2. It is a really great game.

My friends still play Halo 2 and prefer it to Halo 3.

kewlkat0073771d ago

You can hate on Halo the series..but your joking about that comment right?

tweaker3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I can vouch for Socom having the better online community over Halo. Halo 1 and Socom were my games back then. But Socom was way more user friendly and organized. Only thing that stood in the way of being the best online community is the lag and cheaters. Thats about it. Everything in the online department was nailed down almost perfectly.

SlappingOysters3771d ago

Superfragiistic - you're on fire.

SOCOM lacks relevance because it only sells in the States. Elsewhere it is pretty much irrelevant.

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Doppy3771d ago

For the 360 I can't think of another game that can compete with Halo 3 online. For the PS3 Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 might. For the Wii Animal Crossing might.

Superfragilistic3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I know there's a lot of haters. But I think Banjo 3 is in with a chance, if only thanks to MS's close ties to Bungie. And Fable 2 is doing things in the RPG space that nobody has seen before on consoles with the XBLA games integration and permanent affects of online visitors to your game world, even after they've left you.

NO_PUDding3771d ago

Wakfu seems to be doign a pretty good job of that.

You can make animals extinct, and there are guilds which protect. This is for everything, everything can be made extinct.

1stKnighT3771d ago

Halo 3 definitely brings the innovation on the multiplayer front. Copycats are soon to follow some day.

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