Steam’s store has become a mess — this is how Valve plans to fix it

Valve has watched as hundreds of new games has made Steam nearly impossible to browse. It's updating the service today to fix that.

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ColManischewitz1580d ago

I haven't felt this is a problem.

SuperBlur1580d ago

the store was a giant pile of mess , its a welcomed change imo and a step in the right direction. Like Total Biscuit mentioned before , it does not make sense to list very old PC game in the new release category, yes its new on steam but its not new and it would be great if they could add a tab for games like these.

aliengmr1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

While I disagree that it was a giant mess, I do agree that clearly labeling games that have already been released and are new to Steam.

That's my only major gripe though. I'm against Steam trying to sort what "it" deems as garbage though.

That's kinda the problem with a lot of choice, you have to work choosing.

wannabe gamer1580d ago

it was fine the way it was, easy to view categories and simple. i dont want to have what they think i will like/want shoved down my throat like one big ad ugh

Gamer19821580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Been saying the indies are taking over STEAM for a while. It's cluttered much like the ios store has become and no longer is it easy to browse and find compelling games wihtout shifting through a load of trash. This is all due to build a greenlight bundles where millions of people pay a dollar for 6 games then nearly all vote it to get greenlit to get a free STEAM key. Its great for the dev they get a game greenlit that would never have got greenlight if left in the wild and the gamer gets 6 STEAM keys for a dollar. But it means the store is full of trash games.

So my point is there are good indies and I do want to see those the big indies that most people like. What I don't want shoved down my throat all the time are crappy indie titles by a noname dev trying to make a quick buck who doesn't care about the game.

SteamPowered1580d ago

While I have yet to try the new service, I have never had trouble navigating the Steam Store. I love how Steam is constantly evolving and striving to improve. Their innovations are intuitive and welcome.