Top five best games for new PS4 owners to play after they are done with Destiny

The top five best videogames recommended by Game Idealist for gamers who recently bought a PlayStation 4 just for Destiny.

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SuperBlunt1488d ago

Ground zeroes. Get it neawh!

martinezjesus19931488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I think considering you had multiple chances to play most those games, its safe to say that most people that own a ps4 have already played all the games on this list

Edit. Sorry didnt read it properly, i just got out of a 10 hour shift from work

joab7771488d ago

For me it's easily the Witcher or bloodborne as I'll b playing destiny awhile. Or Dragon Age.

Kal8531488d ago

Waiting for Fallout 4 to get a new gen console. Or maybe if thee's a Dragon Age: Inquisition Ultimate Edition after all the dlc comes out. Nothing else on the horizon looks interesting.

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