A tiny percentage of Destiny players have hit level cap

GotGame writes: A suprisingly small amount of players have hit Destiny's level 20 cap.

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nX1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

And here I am close to hitting the hard level cap (28 if I'm not mistaken) :D
Still enyojing it, can't wait for the weekly reset in a few hours.

tylercolp1539d ago

Nice! I hit 23 after shooting a cave for like 9 hours yesterday.

uptownsoul1539d ago

@Boodborn Does the weekly cap reset for everybody at the same time, or is it based on when I personally hit my cap?

SojournUK1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

@TC We're you the guy running up and emptying the cave while we were still shooting Acolytes then standing out front and dancing your success? lol

bondsmx1539d ago

@uptown. Crucible and vanguard marks reset on Tuesday I believe if that is what you mean. I unlocked my vanguard and cruible marks on Thursday and they reset on Tuesday. So, I'm figuring they reset every Tuesday, it's the only thing that would make sense. Can't wait too, I got 100 crucible marks on Friday, and got 100 vanguard marks late Saturday night. Been waiting every since then to start working on crucible marks. I really want a legendary auto rifle, can't decide if I want the dead orbit one I've been working on for over a week, or the new monarchy one. Buy the time I get another 120 cruible marks, I'll be dead orbit and new monarchy rank 3. I got a full dead orbit armor kit, with a exotic helmet. So, that gun would look great with my set up, but I really like the stats to the new monarchy legendary auto rifle. lol. I'll end up with both in time, just don't know which one I want first.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1539d ago

Level 30 is the highest it goes

nX1539d ago

I guess so but it's probably only possible with drops from the raid. Level 28 seems like the highest you can get without raiding.

n4rc1539d ago

Almost 27 here.. Heard 30 is the cap but have not seen higher then 28..

Need the reset as well.. Plus looking forward to these reef bounties tomorrow.. Something new

Mega241539d ago

30 is the hard cap, once you upgrade most of your gear, and get atleast one or 2 drops from VoG.

Eddie201011539d ago

This site is full of it, and the gragh is douche bag BS, unfortunately they got my hit. For them, I guess the BS article served it's purpose.

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GuruStarr781539d ago

I'm at 26, but it doesn't seem to matter much after 20, except for the level 28 raids.. I mostly play crucible multiplayer now, anyways.. I finally got an exotic chest piece, after buying an exotic engram from Xur and luckily getting it from the cryptographer.... Also got an exotic pulse rifle, which is kinda "meh".. working on getting a legendary or exotic auto rifle, but that 100 mark crucible per week level cap is screwing me up, won't be able to get it till next week since they cost 150 marks and I've only got 5 as of today.

no_more_heroes1539d ago

When I played it this past weekend, it was just about half and half based on what I saw. I noticed approximately the same amount of players above 20 (usually in the mid-twenties) as I did players below 20 (usually in the mid to high teens). There was also a handful single digit level players.

Remy_Chaos1539d ago

Strange since every time I've played I'm constantly surrounded by lvl 20s or higher. I, myself would've passed lvl 20 if not for the storms which ruined my weekend, damn hurricane remains!

ShaqSoda1539d ago

I really hope they expand the max level in future dlc.

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