European PSN Content: 19th June 2008

Today's European PSN Store Content:

PS3 Game Demos:

Civilisation Revolution
Dark Sector

PS3 Game Add-ons:

Warhawk (Combo Booster)
Guitar Hero III (Coldplay Track Pack: Violet Hill, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Yellow)
Everybody's Golf World Tour (Oceania Course)
High Stakes Poker
High Velocity Bowling Themes
Pain: Nigel Theme


GT Academy
Bad Company

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paul_war3776d ago

No Oblivion expansion (still)
No Echochrome

And two demos which are at least a week late.

Well done Sony.

nofilter3776d ago

We didn't get the MGS 4 Database either...

butterfinger3776d ago

No MGS4 database for Europe? Is Sony punishing all of Europe because they didn't sell well in the UK? lol. That sucks.

Tomdc3776d ago

we may hav got the civ demo a week late, but we got the game a month early! Hows that for different?

Britjadg3776d ago

yeah picked up a full copy of civ on tuesday. itss a good take on the series. simplified version for sure but well worth a look. my main gripe with it is that you cant choose a map size / type and cant choose how many ai opponents you play against. am gutted it doesn't include trading resources as well as it means theres not really much point in talking to the AI - other than to sell scientific discoveries.

good game though - i love it.

kosha3776d ago

I dont think Europe will ever get the oblivion expansion now cause its too late and fallout is coming out soon

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highdro3776d ago

dark sector >>>>> r u serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

highdro3776d ago

now i need to know how i can download from america or japan psn store....can any one HELP me plss, my psn id is JON_ABOBO.

XBOX 3603776d ago

Follow those steps, except just do "US" instead of Japan.

mdefalco253776d ago

All you need is a valid address. Go online and find a restaurant or something that you know is in USA like McDonalds. Anytrhing. Second, create a new mail account to use for the setup. All you need to do is go through the setup like you did when you creaeted your original account. As long as you have the address you will be golden. I have one for all three and it is not hard to do. Good luck!

Ace-Jury3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

anyone know what this is? should i be getting hyped?

edit: probably Omega Dawn and Broken Mirrow combo pack....darn it

nofilter3776d ago

It's the first two downloads, in a cheaper bundle

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The story is too old to be commented.