Destiny Engram farmers get payback as Elites spoil the party

"The farming is found in the Cosmodrome on Earth, but things don’t always go to plan as these guys find out in the video below. Bungie occasionally enjoys sending a gang of Elites to spoil the party in a world event that these guys just aren't ready for".

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the_dark_one1580d ago

this happen to me once! it wasnt very funny :D i had cramps on my fingers and the loot wasnt that nice either

sinjonezp1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I was farming last night and as soon as we came out of the cave we were ambushed by about 100 enemies in total that came from the left entrance. It was crazy; it was about 5 of us and we were getting killed left and right lol. They had giant brutes level 8 that hit you once you would almost die. It actually made things interesting and fun.

Edit: we had this happen on the ps4 version and it was a lot worse than this. We had tons of enemies on screen at once.

nX1579d ago

This sometimes happens instead of a public event, the chat then says something like "Your enemies are fighting each other".
Mobs from both factions will then start continuously spawning in 1-3 different locations (there are events like these on all planets) and get stronger with each wave. It's possible to take advantage of this in various ways, see one here for example

Aceman181579d ago

It happened to me twice and I loved it lol.

Back-to-Back1578d ago

If you are trying to level up, you want this event to spawn. The amount of xp you can get it crazy. At one point I had my current xp counter up to about 5k before it reset.

SonyNGP1580d ago

That still didn't stop me.

Spinal1579d ago Show
DivoJones1579d ago

Same.. so their retaliation for farming gear in a prime spot is to start a world event on top of us. So now I got a cave full of loot and mail with more upgrades. Punish me again Bungie!

danowat1579d ago

Happened to me earlier on, it was awesome!

SojournUK1579d ago

Yup, happened to me twice, there were about 5 of us there and we managed to kick their asses (eventually)

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The story is too old to be commented.