MrCherry3287d ago

With all new game's comeing out I dont see time to put in this game with all the hrs that need to go in and play 4 or 5 other games. Thats me.

ScottyHoss3287d ago

Agreed, my pre-Christmas gaming plan went from 2 a month to 1 every two months after Destiny. Man its addicting.

Conzul3287d ago

Yeah but they badly need to add more Raids. It's so repetitive otherwise.

ScottyHoss3287d ago

Got the DLC pass for free :D otherwise I would feel for you, kind of tired of the content in games being small, but by the time I make 3 characters, fully level them up, get every thing I want out of this game and hopefully platinum it (that deathless raid though) the next one will be out, hopefully with more content

farrelljade3287d ago

you mean strikes as the only raid as of now is the vault of glass and what i have heard is it is a total b&%#h!!

thekhurg3286d ago

My problem with Destiny is how unrewarding the game is. You can just push and push against higher level content, challenge your group and their ability in game, complete your goal and get basically nothing at the end. Maybe a blue, or some random gear dye.

Then you run to the Cosmodome, shoot level 5 enemies that endlessly spawn out of a cave for literally 30 minutes and leave with more gear than you could have gotten after spending 5 hours in strikes/raids. Sure, it may not be useful gear, but it's STUFF.

They need to reward people better for doing actual content. Bosses need to actually drop shit, period, always. Two Blue Engrams guaranteed, with a higher change to drop a legendary than a normal enemy (by like 20%).

legionsoup3286d ago


The deathless raid is actually pretty easy. Just wait for a day where the bounty is to do a raid without dying. Everyone will be playing really carefully because they want to get the bounty on their first try.

That's how I got the trophy for mine, and I wasn't even trying to get it at the time.

ScottyHoss3286d ago

The problem with that is that if a teammate dies they'll leave and you'll be short on support. I'll probably just have to set it up with my friends to protect one player, then repeat.

legionsoup3286d ago

Gotcha - well, if you ever need some help, I'll do a raid with you. I have it on PS4, level 27 Titan.

If you're interested, send me a private message and I'll hit you up with my PSN.

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3-4-53287d ago

I LOVED this game for the first week.

PvP is really fun, but I'm thinking of trading it in already.

* The same thing happened with GTA 5. Played the heck out of it for about a week, and then realized it wasn't as good as I was convincing myself it was.

* Destiny is a good game, but it doesn't have enough for me, not with all the other games I want to play competing against it.

* Once again....the Crucible is a hell of a lot of fun, and the sparrow is arguably my favorite video game vehicle of all time, but this game just isn't "doing it" for me anymore.

And I was defending the heck out of this game the first week.....then I hit the "wall", and any desire to continue playing is lost.

* I was addicted to the newness of it, but not exactly the gameplay elements themselves.

I realize that now.

I'm glad I got to experience Destiny for what it currently is, but I just won't have time for it anymore.

* Smash Brothers 3DS, Forza H2, I still need to finish some Legend of Heroes games, Got COD & Halo coming up, along with Smash Wii U & Captain Toad.

I just don't see where, for me, Destiny actually fits in.

* I'm glad it exists, but it just isn't keeping my attention anymore.

Just remembered STEAM FALL Sale & Holiday sale too...

Probably another 10+ games that will occupy my time.

Destiny was cool, but it got old REAL QUICK.

I'd still give it a 8.5/10 for what it was though.

byronimus3287d ago


I broke up with a girl for all those same reasons listed

DontShoot-Me-Bro3287d ago

@ byronimus

"I was addicted to the newness of it, but not exactly the gameplay elements themselves."

Did she want to do the same things over and over again like Destinys story?

Am_Ryder3286d ago

Destiny is the first full price game I have EVER bought digital at release.

Boy, do I regret it.

Normally, the only games I buy digital at release are indie games or AAAs which are digital only.

And I very much enjoy Destiny, but I am SO regretting the inability to trade it in. It's not quiite worth the steep entry price. I especially regret it with games which look REALLY worthwhile coming up, eg Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within... My wallet...

Emme3286d ago

Let me guess, student with no girlfriend or life ?

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KwietStorm_BLM3287d ago

With everything that was on my list getting delayed to next year, I have all the time in the world to play this.

GuruStarr783287d ago

Ha, wish I could say the same... I've got a newborn daughter.. but I'm still finding time here to it a game in here and there.... :)

FanboyKilla3287d ago

Wtf is the queens emissary? You do the same f n thing you did before they gave a name to it. Do these mutha luvas think we are stupid. The best part of destiny is that damn cave for gear. Forza horizon hurry the f up!

thekhurg3286d ago

It's just more bounties asking you to do more stuff that you've already been doing in other bounties, except they change the requirements just a bit. Instead of going to mars to collect something, you can now collect stuff from enemies on any planet. That kind of "fun".

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mrmack003287d ago

Looking forward to this, but if it's a new area, why in the world is it only open for a limited time? I love this game but good god.. Its repetitive enough.. Add things to do each week and keep them open! I've spent over 40 hours and got crap loot.. I know it's all random but this literally ruins the game's reward system when you see people running around with nice gear-not necessarily that they worked hard for it, they just got a lucky drop.

Stick893287d ago

It's not a new area. It's just more bounties to do (the same one's we've been doing) and for everyone you do you get to replay old story missions for guaranteed legendary gear at the end. Yo dawg I hear you liked rehashed's not even worth it :/

dazzrazz3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Whats the point in f** girding for the same looking guns but with better stats they didn't even bother to mix up models a little bit, same shit over and over again

rdgneoz33287d ago

The part that bugs me is when you do get a legendary engram to pop, it gets deciphered into a blue... That or in a friend's case, the legendary or exotic you do get is for a different class that you do want to play right now...

GusBricker3287d ago

No legendary weapons or armor?

PFFT3287d ago

Yeah a bunch a crappy rares :(

GuruStarr783287d ago

Well, that auto rifle looks pretty dope though.. did you see the impact rating on it?

neocores3287d ago

You get the good stuff from doing her missions we already got all the Queens Legendary Gear

GusBricker3286d ago

Yeah, did a few today. Got the helmet and the chest plate. I just dismantled them.

rbluetank3287d ago

I just got a new joystick Sunday. I was at level 2 when lasted played Destiny. I am already bored of the sp after reaching level 6. I being trying the mp but level 6 against 26 and higher player is a noob feast. I seen some level 27 guy floating in the air with a all gold Super Saiyan 3 Goku glow look. I just ran indoors. I knew a Spirit Bomb was coming next. lol

BlackWolf123287d ago

Most people don't seem to understand that the weapons in PVP are balanced evenly. The level advantages of each weapon are disabled, so every Auto Rifle will have the same damage level and so on.

The only differences between players are the abilities, but those abilities don't make a huge difference if you know what you are doing.

isa_scout3287d ago

Not quite... I love the PvP but it's not balanced at all. I have a legendary shotgun with extremely long range and every time I get a kill with it it does higher damage. It also reloads SUPER FAST when I melee someone. That's whether I'm playing Crucible or co-op. If they want to make it balanced then the weapon attributes need to be disabled whe playing multiplayer. I'm a level 27 and could out shotgun a lower level all day just because mine has better attributes for it.