Review: Ninja Gaiden 2 8/10 (Dimorphic360)

As you look around the battlefield, limbs and decapitated bodies laying still on the ground, an eerie silence washes over you. All the noise of only a few minutes ago has been washed away, cleansed by wind and time. You fling the blood off of your blade, place it back in its holder and continue forward only to hear the all too familiar sound of footsteps rushing toward you. Again you remove your blade.

Legendary ninja Rya Hayabusa is back in Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to the fantastic Ninja Gaiden seen on the original Xbox. Ninja Gaiden has always been known for its graphical violence and excruciating, unforgiving difficulty levels and its good to see that both of those aspects have made triumphant returns in the sequel.

Despite its short comings Ninja Gaiden 2 is one hell of a sequal. It retains the bloodbath filled violence and difficulty of the first game while adding new abilities and techniques of its own. It will be more than a challenge for the most accomplished gamer. Ninja Gaiden 2 is everything a succesful sequal needs to be and while it does have its fair share of issues and isn't even a real evolution from the original, the good easily outwieghs the bad...

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