Destiny Isn’t Quite At Call of Duty Levels, But Still Did Well In Japan

"On September 11th, Sony Computer Entertainment published Bungie and Activision’s Destiny for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan. On PlayStation 4, the game sold 91,277 copies and on PlayStation it sold 49,503 copies.

Meanwhile, Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that Destiny sold through 74.87% on PlayStation 4, while the PS3 version saw a sell-through of 87.37%."

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98xpresent1581d ago

I thought Japanese gamers didn't like FPS games

mikel10151581d ago

Believe it or not, the people making Splatoon love Call of Duty and Battlefield, that's why they wanted to make a shooter

Fizzler1581d ago

Yeah because every gamer in Japan likes the exact same genre's.

Pozzle1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Didn't you know? Every single Japanese person in existence has the exact same thoughts, personality, and interests. They're a hive-mind. /s

Eddie201011581d ago

Very good numbers for a brand new franchise.

Kingdomcome2471581d ago

I seriously didn't know that COD did well in Japan.

GhostTurtle1581d ago

Same here. Didn't know the numbers where that high, let alone first weeks numbers.

DeadlyFire1580d ago

Arena shooter addiction.

Scatpants1581d ago

The game feels a lot like a FPS phantasy star online. I'm not surprised Japanese would like it.