Ubisoft Smartens Up and Announces Playable Female Chinese Assassin, But is it Enough?

So now players are getting the female Assassin they asked for, but only as a DLC and using 2.5D perspective gameplay and not even being developed by Ubisoft. It looks fun enough, but is not the big open-world experience Assassin’s Creed fans know and would love to explore as a female assassin. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, but is it enough?

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annoyedgamer1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Is it enough? By whose rules? They don't owe anyone anything and can make what they want. A full release with a female assassin would suffer sales-wise because the majority of the fanbase is male.

placiid1580d ago

How does having the majority of the fanbase male make the sales suffer?

dcj05241580d ago

Why would males not buy a game with a female protagonist because there is a female protagonist?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

"majority of the fanbase is male."

So male dont like playing as female.

okay...... ga....

bauer0071579d ago

He is right... Less people will buy the game because you play as a female!

jeowulf1580d ago

What about Lara Croft? I think there's room in this world for strong, female protagonists that can be just as well respected as a male main character. That's just me though.

TheButtonMasher1580d ago

I'm in the middle about all of this. Why should developers, essentially artists, owe us anything? Art can't be forced to push an agenda or satisfy a group. Then again, if the developer's vision of where they want the game to go means a female protagonist, by all means bring that vision to life.

jeowulf1580d ago

I don't think they owe us anything, true. Still, it does seem like this DLC was more of an attempt at easy appeasement more than a genuine addition to the AC saga. Ultimately Ubisoft should have replied to their questioning fans with a little more tact, and If Ubisoft wants to explore the story of Shao Jun they should do so properly in a fully realized 16th Century Chinese AC.

annoyedgamer1580d ago

The folks attacking Ubisoft were not fans, they were fmeinist PC hit squads that have no interest in gaming. They are the same group of people who are attacking Nintendo for not having gay characters in their games.

Ubisoft made AC:Liberation but I don't see these "fans" praising that release. They ignore it for a reason.

sonic9891580d ago

I want my black assassin I want my japanese assassin I want my Arabian assassin I want my gay assassin I want my transexual assassin I want this I want that will we ever grow up these days it seems even the old people are immature and whinny let alone the teens.

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