5 Reasons FIFA 15 Will Be Sports Game of the Year

"Every year the FIFA franchise sells millions of copies and dominated sales charts outside of North America. However, after the World Cup, it seems like America has picked up its pace in enjoying the world's sport. This year, FIFA is taking steps towards offering a truly authentic experience on the pitch and that's due to a lot of improvements and additions to the storied franchise. Today, we're going to give you our reasons as to why we believe FIFA 15 will run away with Sports Game of the Year in 2014." - Stealthy Box

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nX1489d ago

Here's some more:
- because people always forgets about MLB: The Show or NBA 2k
- because people buy FIFA every year despite some of it's substantial flaws
- because people don't care how good PES is as long as it's missing all the licenses

monkeyDzoro1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

PES 05 and PES 06 didn't have all the licenses. FIFA had. But people played PES more. So your argument there is invalid.
FIFA will sell well because of marketing. Just as CoD. Just as Destiny, Watch Dogs, Titanfall. That's all.
Every year, garbage games sell well.

badz1491488d ago

PES ruled football before last gen. Suddenly when last gen consoles were released, they screwed up big time with PES2008 while EA stepped up their game big time that year. With 08 and 09, FIFA has made a significant impact to the market and gained lots of popularity while PES was still recovering. PES2011 onwards were solid entries with many license added but not enough to attract the FIFA crowd. They missed their chance to mark their presence in the new gen by skipping it last year and FIFA is already as strong as ever.

But PES is coming with a bang this year. I've played the demos for both and I think PES2015 is and overall better game than FIFA15. This is coming from me who has only prefer FIFA since I started playing in 96.

All_Consoles1488d ago

Why would they include your opinion in their article?

nX1488d ago

Who said that they should include it? At least my comment is on topic while yours isn't contributive at all.

DualWielding1488d ago

Naww it will be Football Manager 2015 just like every year

fxa52091488d ago

And thats why ladies and gentlemen PES 2015 won GamesCom sports game of the show.

nfl1488d ago

I must say the demo showed gr8 goalkeeping.....until i was running clear on goal and noticed there keeper standing at the edge of penalty area with there defender. Almost like they were chatting. I just run past them and scored. It was hilarious. I saved the clip on my ps4. I gather the the keeper and defender were not impressed with their wages.

Speak_da_Truth1488d ago

Ummm no its slightly better than fifa 14 or past fifas for that matter and I've yet to tryout PES2015 demo plus Nba2k15 and mlb the show say Hi.

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