Why Final Fantasy XV's Reinvention May Be Exactly What The Franchise Needs

Battle Screen's Gregory Edwards discusses the recent news about Final Fantasy XV, and what it potentially means for the franchise as a whole.

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camel_toad1540d ago

Yep Im pumped for this one and I havent been for a FF in a long time.

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Pennywise1381540d ago

NO! If anything Final Fantasy needs to go back to its roots. Final Fantasy 1 thru 9 and to just a slightly lesser extent 10 has always been able to be fresh while maintaining its identity. Now the series has the same problem as resident evil. Its forgotten what's made it so great in the first place. There's nothing wrong with square enix making a game like Final Fantasy 15 just don't call it Final Fantasy because a bunch of bro dogs cruising around in a convertible will never be a true Final Fantasy game to me.

DarkOcelet1539d ago

Final Fantasy XII was amazing , i dont know why no one acknowledge that . Its like X was the final good one , i thought it was one of the best with some really cool characters { Baltheir , Fran , Basche , Ashe , Penelope , Vaan } . It was the only Final Fantasy i spent 1000 hours in or more , although every other final fantasy was great , this one held a special place in my heart and i am sad alot of the fans hated it .

Dune_091538d ago

I believe the game design and level layout were the problems with FF12. There were huge spaces but not much depth and not that much to do side quest wise beside fetch quest monster hunts. A lot of parts of the game (especially the desert sand sea area) went on for far too long.

Adrian_v011540d ago

It generated a lot of interest because people didn't know what was going on. While I had hopes in Nomura and his KH style game, I feel like Tabata is bad for this game. Noctis as the only playable character, how is that positive in any way??? FFXII had gambits, but you could at least play with all the characters. And this sounds worse than XIII. While I had the option to ignore the Auto button there, it seems like this time the Auto-attack button will be the only option.

I hope for more clear news, because after all the updates they gave us in the past 2 days, my anticipation for this game really dropped.

Paprika1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Only playable character in the demo. Full game you can switch. Also decks will likely be customisable, but to streamline play, water based swords auto take effect vs water based monsters, water based magic appear etc. Its fast paced, how many times did you scroll past unneeded skills to get the one you want? It won't be auto. It will be predictive based on set instances, likewise with low health, potions or cure appearing etc. This is how I've interpreted it. Its still final fantasy, if anything, auto has gone!

Adrian_v011539d ago

I didn't say it's not FF, it is. I got nothing against fast paced either, I was hyped for that. But the info given is vague. Some say Noctis is only playable in the game, some say in the demo. Info on the battle system is causing confusion. I was hyped cause I wanted a game where I directly control the battle, where when I win, I would feel like I did it with my own skills. I do hope that potions and cure will be scarce, but I don't like the predictive based thing. Such a game feels dumbed down to me.

hkgamer1539d ago

yeah, definitely needs to be explained more, demo should also represent the game more. ffxiii demo did a piss poor job.

changing directors does seem like a bad thing, but you never really knew what was going on in production. maybe tabata made this game more final fantasy (whatever that means) then what it was going to be.

anyways i hope this game learns from xii. xii had gambits, a fluid atb and option to choose the wait mode which paused the game when choosing skill i think. anyways, good options to cater for all types of gamers.

HeavenlySnipes1539d ago

If it was up to FF purists every release would have a top down game world with static backgrounds, random battles and text based dialogue. Any use of modern technology to realize all the combat moves we've seen in boxed animations, creating dynamic open world, explorable areas, etc is a regression

It must suck hating change that much :/

Pennywise1381539d ago

As a Final Fantasy purist I'd love to see them take all those things you mentioned and meld them with today's modern technology. I'd love to be able to take an airship and fly all over a world map and find secret hidden towns in nooks and crannies of forests and desserts that hold amazing summons spells that only true explorers will find. With today's technology we could have the best of both worlds.

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