Microsoft Sends Mozilla a Cake

In what is becoming a traditional gesture of goodwill, the Microsoft IE team sent Mozilla a cake in honor of shipping Firefox 3, reports Ars Technica. The IE team apparently sent a cake to Mozilla in 2006, too, following the release of Firefox 2.

Image and details at the link.

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RememberThe3575573d ago

They probably spent a lot of money on it. It an exclusive!

verb3k5573d ago

They can't even make a standards-compliant cake!

(PS this is not my comment but I like it)

Ice2ms5573d ago

Knowing M$ they prob threw money at the baker to make sure that its an exclusive.

juuken5573d ago

Capt CHAOS, you took the words right out of my mouth! :*

XBOX 3605573d ago

"If the Mozilla team sends the I.E. team a cake, chances are the I.E. team will cut it up, and use part of it in their future cake they will send out, then claim how great of a baker they are."


verb3k5572d ago

Better give the cake to our fox to eat it, along with IE market share.

The Lazy One5572d ago

That would be absolutely hilarious. I would actually give microsoft +10 internets if they did that if mozilla sent them a cake.

I just love the idea of regifted cake.

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Lord Anubis5573d ago (Edited 5573d ago )

knowing Microsoft the cake is probably poisoned.

Syronicus5573d ago

That perhaps the cake was not poisoned but rather after shipping them the cake, they billed the FireFox Team for it later...

KLEPTOMANIAC5573d ago (Edited 5573d ago )

Congratulations Mozilla on stealing all of our customers. oh and Kudos on the new browser, all our staff thoroughly enjoy using it.

TheColbertinator5573d ago

The Cake is a Lie!First to say it!

Max Power5573d ago

you didn't read the article did you?


They already have stabbed at Portal, read the third paragraph.

Max Power5572d ago

Bishop for having common sense and defending my commment. Bubbles up.

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SiLeNt KNighT5573d ago

a cake with no add-ons? disgusting!