Ubisoft Montreal pledges 'ambitious' plans for Watch Dogs' future

Ubisoft Montreal has high ambitions for the future of the Watch Dogs franchise, a senior figure at the studio has said, and will tackle the first game's perceived flaws with a series of "radical" changes.

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Benoski1487d ago

They better.

Watch Dogs had MASSIVE potential when it was revealed, especially in the graphics department, but Ubisoft failed to deliver.

Watch Dogs 2 better be superior.

porkChop1487d ago

Most disappointing next gen game yet, I think.

NeoGamer2321487d ago

From a new IP perspective this generation has been full of disappointment...

Watch Dogs (OK)...
Knack (Pure Garbage)...
Ryse (OK)...
Destiny (OK)...
Titanfall (OK)...

All had great potential that they didn't fully realize their visions...

Unreal011487d ago

Knack was not pure garbage haha. It was entertaining, just not great.

GameDev11487d ago


Why was knack pure garbage? have you even played it?

Knack is a platformer like Crash and not everyone will like it, doesnt mean it was bad

One of the main reasons for the memory increase on the PS4 was because the Knack dev asked for it. Particles forming and removing from Knack was processed in real time, and they were 100 hundreds of particles in one go which can be CPU intensive, its actually more of a next gen game than you think

The game actually great graphics wise and gameplay wise fun and difficulty tasking, I understand people look at it as for more kiddies but that doesn't mean its pure garbage.

theshredded1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

better than Destiny,others and especially basement crawl

ape0071487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

i respectfully disagree, WD wasn't as good as the hype promised but was still a damn good game, very fun, cleaver, polished and clean

a 8-8.9 game imo

uth111487d ago

I don't understand why people are so down on Knack. It was fun. I finished. Maybe it's not everybody's type of game, but that doesn't make it garbage.

starchild1487d ago

I know hating Watch Dogs is the cool thing to do right now, but I just don't see it. I had a lot of fun with the game. The game had a lot of different activities and the stealth and shooting/combat aspects of it were the best I've ever experienced in an open world game. Being able to manipulate all kinds of objects in environment through hacking was also really cool to me.

The graphics, while not a good as the very first demo, are still really good and it just makes me laugh when people try to act like they are bad or mediocre.

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Fizzler1487d ago

I think they should make Watch Dog 2 have a much more personal story, and no I don't mean the generic you killed my family member so I'm gonna kill you story, no I mean your character makes a sex tape and a hacker group acquires it and threatens to leak it online if you don't do as they say, so you have to do a bunch of missions for them to buy enough time to find out who they are and how to stop them.

UnrealThreats1487d ago

I really hope they make a better PC Port next time, I can barely max the game out at 60fps (I have a pretty good computer)...

starchild1487d ago

Yeah, I run it at 2048 x 1152 with 2x TXAA and I have to cap it at 30fps in order to get a solid, consistent framerate, so it will be nice if the next one makes more efficient use of the hardware. I was still able to enjoy it just fine and it looks great on my system, but it definitely could have been better optimized.

DeadRabbits1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Scrapping the IP would be ambitious and welcomed by most!

It's a dead end!

wonderfulmonkeyman1487d ago

Am I the only one here that wishes they'd just bury it and start on something new and more interesting?
It's not like the game turned out as great as they hyped it up to be, so I don't really have much faith in their ability to improve upon it as-is...
Besides, I think we have just about enough shooters these days.
I'd rather see Ubisoft do an RPG. A really big action-style RPG.

Xb1ps41487d ago

I havnt played the game, is it that bad?

I mean everyone likes to throw the words "we want new ip's" around a lot and its not like games are cheap to make to just scrap it. So i ask again was it THAT bad where ubi cant save it at all?

Magnes1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

If you compare the sequels to the originals of most AAA franchises the original usually pails in comparison. Most people agree AC2 blows AC1 away problem is we gamers are spoiled, it takes more than one game usually to find what makes the franchise great. Except Halo talk about Hitting the first pitch of a game out of the park.

uth111487d ago

It's not that bad. But it does have issues.

It takes a lot to launch a new AAA IP and it's not surprising that the first installment doesn't get everything right, as we see with WD and Destiny and possibly The Crew.

Hopefully the Sequels of these series will get those things right.. if they don't it's time to abandon the series.

if we scrapped WD now for a new IP, probably that new IP would also be plagued with these issues too.

bloop1487d ago

Some elements of Watch Dogs were really good. The free running and gun play were spot on but absolutely everything else in the game missed the mark. I wouldn't be scrapping it as a franchise as there definitely is potential there. As Magnes said, it's all very reminiscent of AC. First game was way too over ambitious for a brand new ip but the second is up there with some of the best games of last gen imo. AC 1 & 2 were worlds apart and if Ubi could pull off the same level of improvement with Watch Dogs the next one could be great.

Magnes1487d ago

@uth11 exactly if this is the way we treat new IP's then maybe developers stop taking chances then I guess we can play all the established franchises till our eyes bleed

Geekman1486d ago

Everything you say is mostly smart. Don't start being stupid.

wonderfulmonkeyman1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

It's just my opinion, dude; I don't feel that Watch Dogs has much potential beyond what's been shown, and I'd rather see Ubisoft start up an action-RPG with a great storyline and interesting characters, instead.
If Child of Light is any indication, they're not exactly unable to do good RPG's with interesting characters, and they could likely do major improvements in that field, too.
We're already flooded with shooters as it is; people are going to be playing Destiny for a very long time, and a new CoD is due soon.
Hence, I feel they'd be better off starting on a new project.

Dlacy13g1487d ago

Well my plans for Watch Dogs went out the door when I saw the words "your item sold on Ebay".

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