Call Me When the Next-Gen Actually Starts

So, the PS4 and Xbox One have been out for nearly a year now, and despite a handful of top quality releases, it still feels like we’re playing last generation’s games with an extra coat of 1080p.....where is the next-gen?

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LightDiego1488d ago

Okay, goodbye.
How can you respond to this?

marinelife91488d ago

I'm pretty sure you can't do Drive Club on last Gen Hardware.

Godmars2901488d ago

You can't do a driving sim on last gen hardware?

Honestly, weather and transitional day/night is garnish. So are the online social aspects.

"Next gen" in my book is Dark Souls meshed with Journey or Monster Hunter. Not the summoning or invasion of someone else into your game, but running across them in a truly persistent world.

NeoGamer2321488d ago

Maybe graphically, but every other feature in DriveClub could be done on the PS3.

vongruetz1488d ago

Next Gen starts on October 14 in North America and November 14 in Europe. I'll give you a call then.

johndoe112111488d ago

Call me when you write an article that is actually worth reading.

tgunzz1488d ago

Sounds like this is his challenge to the developers out there to produce games with full content that can't be provided by lastgen...

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