Minecraft PS Vita Gets One Step Closer To Release With an ESRB Rating

Minecraft PS Vita has finally received an ESRB rating, meaning the game has passed testing and is so very close to release.

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GdaTyler1490d ago

Well then hurry up before the appeal dies down! I want Vita to at least get an ok holiday season for the West this year. I do want them to polish it, but if they take too long it will have some detrimental effect on sales.

Soldierone1489d ago

Wonder if the retail release of it will say Vita on the box or PlayStation TV.

Kingdomcome2471489d ago

I still have yet to try Minecraft, but it seems as though it is a good fit in the mobile space. I know it's already on mobile platforms, but I think the cross-play feature will be a neat addition with this game.

Antnee5341489d ago

It's does not support cross play it supports cross save they are a bit different and sorry don't mean to come off as a jerk just don't want ya to be disappointed

Kingdomcome2471489d ago

Ahhh... that's what I get for assuming lol. Well, looks like a good time either way.

TongkatAli1489d ago

Beg Microsoft for a bundle Sony, it will do you a lot of good.

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