8 'epic fails' of MGS4

from Gameplayer... "Okay, right off the bat, we love Metal Gear Solid 4. We dug it so much we gave it a very well deserved ten. However, a ten is an accolade that denotes a product of fantastic quality – it doesn't necessarily make the game a perfect experience.

This being the case you should all be aware that what follows is a spoiler minefield that may ruin the game for you and/or unintentionally offend delicate fanboy sensibilities (truly an oxymoron if ever there was one). Join us as we do a quick double take on this beloved game and point out some of the peccadilloes that – at best, made the hardcore MGS fans among us knowingly chuckle - and at worst, made the MGS newbies in the team cock their head to the side and involuntarily exclaim "WTF?!"

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BulletToothtony3869d ago

Raiden sucks??? Sexy snake?? come on man.. how hard do people have to sit and think about more stupidities to say??

People take it from me don't even visit the website.. it's completely ridiculous..

SlappingOysters3869d ago

They gave the game a 10/10, this is an analysis of the game from a site that clearly understands MGS 4 is awesome, but aren't afraid to point out the flaws.

BulletToothtony3869d ago

person who reviewed it loved it, next day 2 people come out and bash the whole game..

I'm not saying SOME people may not totally agree with what he said.. but it's pretty lame to come up with that article..

The Wood3869d ago

with both of you. Thats a kool thing i suppose

Genki3869d ago

so why can't you, BulletTooth?

Quit taking ownership in the game, this is just a hobby. First of all, like they said, they gave it a ten, secondly, they aren't bashing the game. Nothing they said has any profound impact on the game itself, they're just certain aesthetic pieces that are strictly a matter of personal opinion. It's like some people liking the color red, and others not.

No reason to get all bent out of shape about it.

SlappingOysters3869d ago

chances are the authors sit next to each other. Most of these reviews say 'we thought', not 'I thought'. And anyway it all goes through one editor. I don't think the different writer thing matters.

NO_PUDding3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

-Raiden 2.0 is awesome. But he was awesome before. Very camp, but laughably so, and he is awesome. He cuts his own arm off and stops Arsenal Gear (Haven) physically on his own.

-Cornball diaglous, show me your rage made sense to me, as did the Drebin Codec calls.... I don't udnerstand the beef there.

-Johhny is awesome, but I agree. No one wants to marry someone who craps their pants, even if they know it was becuase of lackign certain things. He looks more like The Boss to me.

-Agreed, but this is Kojima's surreal creation,a nd I blame it all on the nanomachines. Back in MGS3, that weirdness was all toned down really. It was just very advanced technology, and even The End had some proverbial plausibility to him. Colonel Volgin had obviously got some form of current in his body, and had metal receptors planted on him. Totally realistic :D.

-Haha, yes, Snakes ass isn't nice to watch, but it's amusing and it also a muscle suit, he's not got real buns of stell which makes it more bearable.

-Read the damn manual, lazy gits, it's what the 8 minute install is for.

-Agreed, the isntalls in between, should just be labelled laoding, it would avoid a lot of the moaning about it, and also psychosymatically make it more bearable.

-MGS personality, it's why it's a 10 you wang :D.

Good and afir article, it made me laugh.

Yipee Bog3869d ago

Would one even need to find bad points about a game? Just ridiculous, i hate these articles with 10 reasons why blah blah blah sucks/fails. give it a rest, the game is fun and entertaining, beats paying 8 bucks to see a movie at the theater.

callahan093869d ago

I agree with BulletToothTony that this article is lame. For 1 reason:

1) Because Raiden is awesome.

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Whoooop3869d ago

I like Raging Raven's scream....

Britjadg3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

***WARNING*** this post contains spoilers.

i love her screm as well. all of the BB crew have some kind of line, octopus's voice gave me chills and scared the hell out of me first time i played through the game. truely though, the various voices of B&B's are terrifying: raven included. only one i found annoying was Mantis.

and i dont understand this hate for raiden but then i didn't understand it in mgs2 to be honest. yeah he was a bit of a puss with his gymanstic style dodging, but in mgs4 the guy just whoops ass constantly. everything he does just seems and feels monumental.

and dont even get me started on the hate reviews of drebin: that i just find lame and unfounded. Though his stories about the B&B do drag on they are necessary so that you can appreciate that these girls are victims as much as predators - creations of circumstance and often the societies they were born into. plus some of the stories are truely gut-wrenching.

Silogon3869d ago

What doesn't suck is this -

In just 2 weeks it is slated to sell over 2 million units world wide. That puts its gross profit to 120 million plus and the game reportedly cost 36 to 40 million to make. That is one helluva recoup on revenue in such a short span.

This will probably go on to be Konami's most successful game ever.

hay3869d ago

You've got a point here, I'm not sure about those 2m's but since it sold 1.3m in the first day it should be true. Well earned bubble for you.

Lord Anubis3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

those epic fails are more of an opinion. it's like not liking tomatoes and blogging about not liking tomatoes. Oops i just described the internet. silly me.

kewlkat0073869d ago

then again every thought we share/write about this game, whether it be positive or negative or by reviewers/gamers themselves is all OPINION.

you make no sense..

Nothing is actually FACT, but some seem to think that a majority = FACT

ice_prophecy3869d ago

The muscles on the suit is the suit.. not snake's...

InMyOpinion3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

To me it still looks like an old man with buns of steel in a g-string. Muscle suit or not...

Other than the buns factor the suit is very cool.

Some you guys need to chill out. Everyone was quick to point out flaws in GTA IV but when someone does it with MGS 4 you act like they insulted your mother or something.

ice_prophecy3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I'm not making a statement for either sides. I'm just making a correction to what may have been an error.

Criticism is good. It makes the industry healthier. I like criticism. Just make sure the arguments are solid.

An opinion is an opinion. If the author still feels the same way even after the comment I made, then so be it. I am not responsible to how other people, people that I don't deal with on a day to day basis, feel.

Edit: I walk around with the facecamo on all the time. So snake doesn't look old to me any more ^^. Just a shadow of DEATH, wait scratch that, TRANQ!

I unfortunately never graced my ps3 with the opportunity to load up GTA4. Its not the genre I don't like. Its the themes that it portrays that I feel uncomfortable with. So as to what faults it may have, I can not comment.

ps: I wasn't sure if your last sentence was directed to me ^^. So take my comment as a general statement.

InMyOpinion3869d ago

No, the last part of the comment was aimed at the people who can't take things with a grain of salt.

Great comment btw, bubbles!

kindi_boy3869d ago

"To me it still looks like an old man with buns of steel in a g-string."

i absolutely agree.

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