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Robin Parker: "The strange world Swery has brought to life is definitely worth exploring, though. There is a real richness of content and back-story that has been invented, and despite the feeling that you don’t really make much progress in solving the case in question, I really wanted to press on and find out what was going on. Even though the atrocious voice acting and questionable conversation topics may make you laugh when you should be crying, there are few points when D4 isn’t entertaining or emotionally engaging in one form or another – which is a far cry from the cookie-cutter titles that so often fill the shelves and make it something worth celebrating."

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Barnaby-Jones1485d ago

Can't wait to play this. Sounds awesome.

tgunzz1485d ago

I have been playing it, and it is Awesome!!!!! Use the kinect with it. Game on.

rarity1485d ago

This has gotten really good reviews I'm gonna have to check it out.

gangsta_red1485d ago

A lot of good reviews for this game! I really hope it becomes a hit!

NewMonday1485d ago

below Destiny in Metacritic, since you didn't like that average you may not like this one.

Aussiebeachbabe1485d ago

Great game. Trust a fanboy troll like new monday to try to downgrade it. Nice to see sony only trolls with so many bubbles.

gangsta_red1485d ago

Difference is I played Destiny and I think that game is boring, repetitive and uninspiring. This game is not, it's different, compelling, fun and holds my attention.

How come you are not on your holy crusade to try and convince everyone that this game is good and deserves a fair chance like you are doing with Destiny? Why aren't you saying review sites are bias or paid by Sony?

Oh...that's right because this and Titanfall were Xbox exclusives...but then why the change of heart for Destiny a multiplat game?

Oh yea, because Sony is trying way too hard to make it appear that the definitive addition is only on PS4. Lucky they have you to spread that word.

Funantic11485d ago

But way better reception and overall better reviews than Destiny.

NewMonday1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )


I didn't say my opinion of the game, just passed on information, you cared about the Meta a day ago, why the change of heart?

just using your own logic against you, you have double standards, my point is made.


the average is lower, can't see the logic in what you said, read you own comment again.. slowly.

Torque_CS_Lewith1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Based on 11 reviews. Willing to bet that it won't get 25 average reviews like Destiny has when all the reviews are tallied. Heck Destiny was toying with 74 at one point so let's not pretend early reviews are final.
edit: did a bit of mining in your extensive comment history. Lol at how much flack you gave Titanfall for being over hyped and how you have done a complete 180 as far as Destiny is concerned!
How anybody still listens to you around here is a mystery.
Disregard my argument above, I have no interest in debating with a blatant flip flopper.

slate911485d ago

How you have those bubbles blows me

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Foehammer1485d ago

Definitely getting some high praise from reviewers.

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