Remastered Video Games: Must-Haves or Cash-Grabs?

Remastered video games hitting store shelves with a full retail price tag is the latest trend. The article discusses when a remastered game is justified and when it simply isn't, bearing in mind that the PS4 and Xbox One are not backward-compatible.

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Enemy1489d ago

Depends on the quality of the remaster. The Last of Us is a must have. Silent Hill Collection is a cash grab.

acharlez1489d ago

I totally agree. Halo: The Master Chief Collection? Must-have. TLOU Remastered? Cash-grab.

Ingram1489d ago

Your comment is on backwards

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IVanSpinal1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

@Enemy "forgotten memory" i cant forget more than 1000 hours of gameplay, but how many hours you played TLOU (is more easy to forget)

MysticStrummer1489d ago

The answer to the title's question is… it depends on how each gamer feels about the game/games in question.

The Master Chief Collection isn't something I'd ever consider a must have because I find Halo to be one of the most overrated series of all time, both on and offline. I also don't consider The Last of Us Remastered to be a must have because, though I enjoyed it, one play through was plenty for me. Neither remaster is a cash grab.

The Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection was a must have for me even though I had played the original versions of both multiple times. The original God of War Collection was a must have for me because I had never played GoW2. For those who haven't played the original games, or want to replay them with enhanced visuals, remastered versions can be a great thing.

As always, no one is forced to buy them. People who don't like them should get it through their heads that they aren't the only consumers who dictate how the market functions.

TheWatercooler1489d ago

Hmmm. Last time I checked Halo 1 will be a remaster of a remaster.

Only Microsoft are desperate to attempt that kind of milking

Remy_Chaos1489d ago

Why is it a must have? I can bust out the originals any time I want. Oh wait no, its a must have because Xbox "crazies" and many from the gaming media are hyping it up right? Even after plenty of articles have come showing how hype is bad...

bouzebbal1489d ago

i see no remaster as a cash grab.. you don't want it you dont buy it.
I bought lots of remasters on PS3 and most of them have been requested by gamers for so long time (Jak, Sly, Ratchet, God of War...).

In the case of big blockbusters like The Last of Us, many ex-360 owners who never owned ps3 and bought PS4 need to try them.

XBLSkull1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

The Last of Us is a run of the mill, cash grab remaster. It was done less than a year after the game came out, and it isn't anything special. Master Chief Collection is a different story. 2 of the games are complete remasters with significant graphics/audio upgrades. The other 2, Halo 3 and 4 are more improved but really the same stuff The Last of Us did. The difference here is Halo 3 is 7 years old, and Halo 4 is 2. Not a year like the Last of Us. Another difference is The Last of Us is $50, with all it's DLC. Master Chief Collection is Halo 1, Halo 1 Anniversary, Halo PC, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 2 PC, all Halo 2 DLC, Halo 3, all Halo 3 DLC, Halo 4, all Halo 4 DLC, a Halo 5 beta invite, and Halo Nightfall, a 6 episode (i think) TV show, all for $60 - and in all honesty I think all us Halo players were just expecting Halo 2 Anniversary for $60. Easy to see why it is must have, and not a cash grab.

We should all agree that Halo Master Chief Collection needs to be the new standard in what remasters are and how they should be done.

"Must be difficult times for you, being a Halo fanboy and yet knowing that The Last of Us has made Halo fade like a forgotten memory that never won GOTY.

The Last of Us: Remastered received nothing but perfect scores yet again, and every PS4 owner that didn't get to play it last gen was given the opportunity to catch up on one of the greatest games ever made, period."

Halo is so much bigger than The Last of Us. Last of Us is a video game. Halo is video games, movies, books, comics, graphic novels, board games, anime, toys, collectibles, etc, etc, etc. Halo 1-4 all won GotY awards. You would hope that The Last of Us remastered would score at least as good as the original. Master Chief Collection is going to get 10/10 across the board except by Sony fanboys who decide to write a review without playing it.

bouzebbal1489d ago

XBLSkull bashing Last of Us and glorifying Halo collection.. normal stuff!

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darthv721489d ago

Quality as well as quantity of the remaster. While you could look at the ratchet and clank collection or god of war collection as cash grabs because they are effectvely the same games as their original versions. They are must haves because you get all of them in one nice collection. Complete with remastered visuals.

Same goes with master chief collection. Any game where you get 2, 3 or more full games totally reworked in one nice convenient package for one really good price is a must have.

I have not played last of us but the remastered version is the same game with all redone visuals as well as all dlc from what i gather. And i believe it is cheaper than the original because of all the extra content that would have amounted to more if purchased individually.

If these devs are going to encourage people into buying these collections by way of filling the discs up with all sorts of content then why complain?

Artista 1489d ago

It depends on the game.

Aleithian1489d ago

Totally depends.

Good remaster: Tomb Raider, TLOU, Metro, Halo.

Bad remaster: Silent Hill, Dynasty Warriors 8, Dead or Alive 5.

Now, can we stop with the articles 'evaluating' remastering old games as such? How about we simply put out reviews of particular remasters. If a company wants to put one out and there's a market for it, as there clearly is, there's no point putting out article after article judging the merits of remasters.

Master-H1489d ago

Dynasty Warriors 8 is more of a port than a remaster, and it had good value since it came with both DW8 and DW8 Extreme Legends on the same disc, both of which are separate games. I don't see how that falls under the bad "remasters" category. I mean the DW games have always been pretty bare bones on the technical side with weak graphic engines, not much to improve on for a port.

Aleithian1489d ago

Granted. And I bought it. But I was thinking along the lines of remasters, and as you say if we class it as a port then its quite good.

Imalwaysright1489d ago

Every single one is a cash grab.

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