News & Release Of PS4 Firmware 2.0 Coming Soon


According to a rumor, we should hear a lot more on the PS4 firmware 2.0 soon, with a release following shortly after that.

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Kayant1580d ago

"News on 2.0 incoming soon. The FW will release soon after."
Yet again Tidux delivering insightful information /s

1nsomniac1580d ago

Thank you for letting me know this was from Tidux. Instantly ignored the article. Any website claiming Tidux is newsworthy doesn't deserve the clicks.

nX1580d ago

Yes, he's been completely off a few times, there's no way he's an actual "insider" if you ask me. Didn't Sony even say that it's coming sometime in September?

kneon1580d ago

Regardless of the source of the rumor it does make sense that it would release soon. If at all possible they would want it ready before the holiday shopping season really gets going.

XBLSkull1580d ago

Please, please, media playback. Nothing else matters, make it priority #1.

Palitera1580d ago


"PS4 will have several games released in 2015."
Source is me.

Regardless of the source of the rumor it does make sense that they would release games in 2015. If at all possible they would want it ready before 2015 shopping season really gets going.

And Sony already said FW 2.0 would be coming this year.

DragoonsScaleLegends1580d ago

Enable Ad Block Plus so you won't be giving that click any money any way so it doesn't matter.

UltimateMaster1580d ago

It'll be an interesting update for online gaming for sure.

Alexious1579d ago

As I just wrote below, you're completely wrong. Tidux has been right a few times already, such as when he revealed that Bloodborne would release in February - last July.

That doesn't mean you should trust him absolutely, which is why this is labeled as rumor. But your stance is completely off.

Codey471579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

"Please, please, media playback. Nothing else matters, make it priority #1."

Oh you must also mean native support of high definition audio know, the ones that released over 7 years ago.

Oh that's right Xbone doesn't.


UltimateMaster1579d ago


Are you kidding me?
Febuary - July. That's a prediction?
Hell, I could have stated the same thing saying that it's 2015.

Most Japan games are released during that time period, all the time. Nothing's ever released during summer until a few in September and then a ton in October and November.

If that's a prediction, then Uncharted 4 is getting released between September - end of November of 2015. And I'll be right, because we know what to expect out of publishers.

Get your Japan games early in the year past January (because everyone's broke that month from the holiday gifts) and spring.

turdburgler10801579d ago

Prepare for more stability updates. The ps4 will be solid as a rock by the time they actually put anything meaningful out in terms of apps and media players.

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GameDev11580d ago

If I listen to Tidux with anything rumour, it is only about firmware updates, which he has actually gotten right numerous times in the past

Still take things with "a grain of salt" as they say

Alexious1579d ago

That's right. He's been correct mostly about firmware updates, but also about the Bloodborne release date.

Mr_Writer851579d ago

He tried to say a music player was coming in the last big FW.

It never came.

mark3214uk1580d ago

i know wtf its like saying "breaking news - a new ps4 game will be out before xmas then possibly another not long after"

jjonez181580d ago

Thanks for the summary. This kind of "reporting" doesn't deserve clicks...

Cha0tik1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

@XBLSkull this is a gaming console first a media center second. Gaming and Social features first. Media features can come second. If you want it the other way around you may want to go for the Xbox.

FanboyKilla1579d ago

@azuske lol what does themes have to do with gaming? So, what games are coming for ps4 this holliday console first?

Buthurt fanboy bashing xone for ps4 shortcomings. Orange is the new black, less is the new more. Lol

Sad you sale yourself short for a company. What the hell do you want in your firmware update then? It suppose to add features.

You basically said if you want more from your console get a xone.

Lmfao fanboys suck, but you are a sucky fanboy. You just 1up the console you are trying to defend. Lol proof that the first symptom of fanboyism is delusion.

Cha0tik1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

@FanboyKilla I don't care about the themes. I never said anything about themes dude. I'm not a fanboy... I own a PS4, Xbox One and a Gaming PC. I want them to enhance the GAMING experience and thats it. After all it is a Game Console. The Xbox is more of a home entertainment system with gaming included in my opinion. Social features enhance the gaming experience as we live in a time where social gaming is dominant. For all I care these themes can come later. Themes are something I wanted for the PS3 as they help make ones console more of their own by adding personality to ones experience. Now I want a game console that delivers solid gaming experiences and brings the best exclusives possible. All this extra bullshit you're speaking is irrelevant dude. Btw... I said if you want media features to come first than get an xbox... I wasn't one upping anything. I was directing him to a console that leans toward what he is asking for. learn to read before you rant. People like you are so annoying. "Fanboy Killa"

Edit: As for your question on what games I want. I've already preordered them all and I'm not an impatient gamer so even though Bloodborne is coming in Feb... I'll welcome it as long as they get it right. This counts for COD Advanced Warfare as well which finally looks like an improvement on COD games. If you want a list... here it is but some aren't coming this Holiday season.

COD: Advanced Warfare
Metal Gear Solid 5
Fatal Frame 5
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Assassin’s Creed Unity
Evil Within
Silent Hills
Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3
Final Fantasy Type-0

Alexious1579d ago

For all of you saying that Tidux doesn't know shit. He said that Bloodborne was releasing in February. Last July.

No insider is 100% correct. However, Tidux has been right at least a few times already.

f50liv_imposter11579d ago

Why are you defending tidux so much? Are you tidux or something

iTechHeads1579d ago

I don't want news on 2.0, I just want it released.

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Festano1580d ago

Finally, you have the ability to upload videos from youtube. Excellent news.

Neonridr1580d ago

and yet no news about DLNA support...

Neonridr1580d ago

not really.. Sony is more committed about the social sharing and streaming functions of the PS4 rather than the media end of it.

It's a shame that they can't just plop on over the support from the PS3, I am guessing it's more complicated. It doesn't bother me a lot because I can just stream through my home theatre system, but it would be nice to do it all in one place.

c'est la vie I guess.

The direct to youtube is a nice feature, I will probably use that a few times if I have some good clips to share.

WildArmed1580d ago

It's pretty funny my three year old receiver has DLNA support, but my ps4 does not.

The receiver and my ps3 has made this a non-issue for me, but I would still like to see this happen soo. Hopefully with better navigating options than the PS3.

f50liv_imposter11579d ago

Yh also sony were the founders of dlna

Majin-vegeta1580d ago

Right cuz they've already announced everything that's coming to this update *rolls eyes*.

KwietStorm1580d ago

They haven't detailed all the features yet, so there's hope.

GameDev11580d ago

Funny how you and Majin Vegeta got disagrees when all you are stating is fact

Fact is that Sony havent detailed the firmware update completely and depending on when its released can still collect feedback and add things like DLNA

DragoonsScaleLegends1580d ago

Use plex for streaming to PS4 it works pretty good with most file types. MKV videos also work through it.

dontbhatin1580d ago

sony already said not to expect that till early next year.

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