Nintendo Has Already Sold Me on the New 3DS, and Here’s Why

CraveOnline: "Reviews for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS aren’t scheduled to break until Thursday, and you can bet I’ve spent every waking hour since I received my copy duking it out with Nintendo’s all-stars, pushing the plastic input mechanisms of my Flame Red 3DS to their absolute limits. It’s not the fact that the more-plasticky-than-I-realized 3DS groans under the pressure of my movements that makes me want to upgrade, though. That I can live with. Instead, it’s the brilliant accuracy with which the Super Smash Bros. experience has been reproduced that compels me to take the plunge. Contrary to what I expected, the entire Smash experience is here, which makes the absence of a C-stick and dual triggers painfully and flagrantly apparent."

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JonnyBigBoss1488d ago

I already own a 3DS.... and I'm going to be replacing it with the new model!

Neonridr1488d ago

just give me a Zelda themed one and I will gladly replace my Link Between Worlds XL model.

novacav1488d ago

True that. Once you go gold you don't go back.

VenturaDres1488d ago

I'm sure they will have a Zelda face plate, right?

ShinMaster1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I like my purple 3DS too much.

If they make the new 3DS in the same color, I might think about getting it.

RosweeSon1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Same here I really want one of these new ones mainly for the improved 3d minimal battery improvement, and those awesome coloured SNES style buttons, the extra analogue stick if you can call it that is a bonus but as nintendo are prone to the odd special edition or 3 I'll wait it out, I do love my gold zelda XL but preferred the black and gold ocarina of time one and I'm sure nintendo will have some awesome designs for these new 3DS models so I'll just hang fire and get as much use out of my current model so that my upgrade stays fresh ;)
Bought the console on launch mainly for luigis mansion yet I've only just started it this week (and skyward sword) but once I've nailed luigis mansion I'll get all my smash bros usage out on my older system as I'm sure that'll give it a battering/heavy usage ;) I don't batter anything haha.

UltimateMaster1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Well, imo, I'm not sure if the new 3DS is all that worth it.

Personally, I'd buy a PS Vita instead. Play all the games the system has to offer, which is more than just 1 new re-release game.

I would then wait for the 4DS to come out, buy it, and then re-play Xenoblades Chronicles because it'll be backwards compatible.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing Xenoblades Chronicle on my Wii U.

Well, you know me, I'm a gamer and I just want to play as much fun games as possible.

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novacav1488d ago

It's too tempting! I'll feel better about it if there's a boost in build quality too, though.

acharlez1488d ago

i don't have a 3DS yet, and I'm totally waiting for this one!!

3-4-51488d ago

Been waiting to upgrade to an XL...wasn't going to get a Smash Brothers XL, then they announced the NEW 3DS, and I was instantly sold.

I'm upgrading anyways, I might as well get the FULL Upgrade.

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dbjj120881488d ago

It's new! Sometimes, that's all some people need to hear. My original 3DS XL is still doing really well.

RosweeSon1488d ago

I was the same with my original aqua blue then I finally got the zelda one, which got upgraded for the pikachu XL which got swapped for a zelda one and will not likely get swapped in 6 months or so (no current date in UK) but no rush I'll get through a load if my harder hitting (console usage wise) and then can look after my newer model even more so than I try to now ;) but yeah at the end of the day if your happy great but I just wanted some bigger screens and my hands gave me a bit of grief with those older smaller models, I got used to it after launch then my mate fork be and mentioned it and it started hurting again a little but yeah after a while I just couldn't resist the bigger screens and slightly better battery ;) awesome console absolutely love it, got a vita (not on launch) but I'd say I prefer the 3DS, vita has just been dropped as it's own system no AAA good job the indie games are great but Vita is built for power and it's not being used, nintendo shows yet again it's not about the graphics ;) awesome console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1488d ago

There's two big reasons why I'll be getting the New3DS:

#1 I'm an early adopter of the original 3DS.
I've had it for a while now.
I'm ready for an upgrade.

Finally, no more blindly wandering around the maps trying to find the target people amongst many similar-looking NPC's; they're adding in quest markers on the maps themselves!
There's going to be other stuff, too, but that's a pretty big deal for me.

I'm also hoping that this upgrade will be the perfect platform to launch a Remastered version of Majora's Mask!

novacav1488d ago

Could be! Though I hope (and suspect) Majora won't be New 3DS exclusive.

Nerdmaster1488d ago

I don't remember reading anything about improvements to the quest system. Aren't you confusing it with Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U?

wonderfulmonkeyman1488d ago

Hmmmm......I MIGHT be confusing it, but I get the feeling there was something mentioned about improvements beyond just the graphics to Xenoblade N3DS...

Spikeantestor1488d ago

I'm married and don't have a great job. I can't afford to make multiple purchases of basicly the same machine in any one generation.

So, the only thing that would make me buy this one is if nintendo told us it would be their go to handheld system for the next 4 years. I could get one then. But not when the possibility of a real successor sits heavy on the horizon of the next 2 years.

TXIDarkAvenger1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I'll buy it depending on how many games they make exclusive for it. Otherwise probably won't get it since I got my XL only 1 year ago.

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