Gaming Journalists Respond to Critics in Newly Revealed GameJournoPros Emails

A second tranche of leaked emails from the secret GameJournoPros mailing list, dated September 2014 and published today by Breitbart London, reveals video game journalists insulting popular YouTubers and laughing off the prospect of readers challenging them about ethical violations.

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LightDiego1540d ago

Just see how these people are arrogant pricks, this is the state of gaming journalism. I lost the count on how many times i got a bad reply when i was a member from these sites. If you disagree with anything related to the feminist agenda, you are banned.
Now they are desperate in so many ways, everytime we discover corruption related with them, also independent jounalists from small sites and Youtubers making a great job, they are becoming irrelevant.
Censorship will not defeat #Gamersgate, we will win after these corrupt journalists go away.

Mr Pumblechook1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I'm so glad this is all coming out. I've taken the time to read these emails and it demonstrates that so called professional journalists from the biggest gaming sites like Kotaku and Polygon are members of a once-secret mailing group and they colluded in agreeing to make the editorial decision to not write about any journalistic wrong doing in the hope that gamers would lose interest. They also talked about clubbing together to buy Zoe Quinn a gift to cheer her up after the bad press she received!

GamerGate conversation mustn't be silenced. These crooks must be exposed.

Dee_911539d ago

I'm happy this is coming to light too, but I feel Milo is doing basically the same thing zoe/anita journalist cronies are doing.A lot of what was said in those emails are very questionable and some downright makes me upset.But to say "games journalists joking about having sex with public relations executives and game developers." is no better than what they say about the harassment and threats.Its an overreaction to a comment made by one dude that was obviously a joke.
But back to the topic at hand.Anita has basically exposed all of these journalist and indie devs that actually believe in that ideology and will do away with basic journalistic ethics and moral to push that agenda on everybody.

DragonKnight1539d ago

That site also has the full list of people that belong to that mailing list as well. Look it up and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

kahjah1539d ago

I love how people are talking about journalistic integrity but link to any Breitbart site. That's ironic as hell.

mixelon1539d ago

... :) Thank you. It has to be said. Breitbart is Daily Mail level horribleness. Breitbart are anti everything, and the absolute worst bed-fellows for anyone wanting to be taken seriously.

Dee_911539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

If it was on another site would that be better?People are talking about journalistic integrity and linking a lot of sites. Breitbart doesn't solely reflect the cause.

kahjah1539d ago

Lots of GG'ers have been riding with Milo who is the one pushing this agenda on Breitbart's site. Breitbart was biased with a conservative slant (which is fine) but if you are asking for level playing grounds and journalistic integrity why ride with a provocateur like Breitbart?

Seems to be the exact opposite of what you want?

Dee_911538d ago

Lots of gg'er have been" riding with the " evidence brought forward by milo and breitbart..Judge evidence on its own merit..

Droidbro1539d ago

Can you please cite just one instance of proof of journalistic malpractice from Breitbart? You won't because you can't. Now please STFU or GTFO.

kahjah1539d ago

We can talk about the Acorn/O'Keefe example. Not really taking the journalistic medium to any new heights. So please holster your STFU's & GTFO's sir.

Droidbro1537d ago

O'Keeffe is an activist not a journalist. Breitbart only covered his story. In the case of Breitbart, the fake mainstream media ignored the merits of the story only covering it as a way shoot the messenger. I wouldn't cite fascist behavior of propaganda outlets as evidence against Breitbart. Here again you ignore the merits of the story and attack the messenger.

Makroyale1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

As of now, none of those journalists are contesting that this list is fake, nor are they saying these conversations are fake.

I'm not the biggest Breitbart fan, but it looks like they did good work here.

kahjah1539d ago

I'm confused as to what people are gleaning from the things written in this group. This seems like any conversations had with other people who work in a very small field. You would swear that national espionage information was being discussed in this forum.

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mydyingparadiselost1539d ago

Game Journalists? C'mon now, nobody believes in those. It's like believing in Elves, Elvis Presley sightings and the Easter Bunny.

Makroyale1539d ago

Actually I disagree with that and am probably in the minority.

Greg Miller
Colin Moriarty

Those two are good guys and run a good podcast on IGN.

Colin has written a few good articles such as the history of Naughty dog.

mydyingparadiselost1539d ago

It's OK, I believe in aliens and ghosts. No one's perfect :P
I'm glad you've found some people you can rely on for information, I'll look them up, see what kind of articles they've written and maybe even check out the podcast.

Baka-akaB1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Truth be told i dunno what to expect . We as a whole , complains a lot , but many still read those awful sites for whatever dumb reasons ... despites being proven how wrong they are on multiple occasions almost every years .

Can there even be such a change when those that follow those news are so apathic in their reaction , and when the rest of the readership is just oblivious to stuff like gamergate ? Even superficially ?

A groups of "journalists" trying to force an agenda on gamers and attacking them when exposed? And yet here they are still thriving and only midly annoyed .

Finally i dont even understand why some of the resident contributors , feel the need to submit all day long , any articles from those dubious sites . An actual cleansing and article selection , starting from the people submitting articles on n4g would go a long way to punish their traffic . Not all of them even got ties to the sites they post , and here they are chasing some dumb point system

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