Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Co-Op mode to be revealed on Saturday?

Good news for Call Of Duty fans, the Co-Op mode of Advanced Warfare will be revealed soon and you will not wait much longer, Glen Schofield Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games has confirmed.

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RegalRocks1487d ago

They said in a twitter post that they are planning on releasing it Wednesday.

XBLSkull1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

can we please drop all the customization/perk/kill streak/sci fi bull**** and get back to the beaches of normandy?

crusf1487d ago

Why? So Activision in there current CoD cashgrab frenzy can market one of the bloodiest wars in history by offering weed camos and snoop dog narrating D-Day as DLC. No thanks. Activsion didn't give two shits about CoD during the WWII games and let the developers polish the game to near perfection in terms of accuracy and realism (at the time).

poppinslops1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )



I haven't played COD since World at War, but it had a pretty solid co-op mode, so... Yeah, it's nice to see COD looking good again.

I wonder if they'll let us play as Kevin Spacey?
Yes, it would mean remapping the controls to include an 'outrageous insult' button, but that shouldn't be too difficult...

neocores1487d ago

Its been confirmed it will be shown on the 24th at 10am PT i think

iistuii1487d ago

I think all games should have coop. Gears of war series campaigns were so much better with friends. I'd have loved to have played TLOU & Uncharted coop, they both have partners on the screen with you most of the time that could easily be another player. More coop I say.