Sanity's Other Side: Same Look, New Taste

Moar Powah!'s Inverseman discusses the new model for the Nintendo 3DS as well as the 3DS XL

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UltimateMaster1485d ago

I still can't believe we're still stuck with 1 SLIDER.
A slider is nowhere near as accurate as an analog let alone only having one.

Really guys, don't you think we deserve better?

wonderfulmonkeyman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I don't know why you're saying it's inadequate when I've never had an issue with its accuracy in any game I've played.
As for the c-stick, is definitely not ideal, but at least they made it the same size as the face buttons instead of making it smaller, and its positioning so close to the other face buttons makes using it a snap, since you don't have to stretch your thumb very far to use it.
Overall, they could have done far worse than they have...
Besides, an analog wouldn't fit into that clamshell design.

namEuser1482d ago

Can't wait for the "new 3ds" I think its just fine for the people that are knit picking still, shut up already and don't get one then! Jeesh lol my only gripe is I'm not going to be able to get different faceplates for the "new XL" model...that kinda stinks, oh well...atleast they fixed the 3D now 😁 sweet 😁

namEuser1482d ago

I meant " the new models are just fine now" they shouldn't have to add anymore features 😁