What Ever Happened to Rhythm Games?

Adam explores the rise and fall of rhythm games and discusses what killed them off.

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pwnsause_returns1487d ago

activision raped their very own creation, thats what... they exhausted them to death...

TheEternalGamer1487d ago

i miss Guitar Hero. I hope a developer either buys the Guitar Hero IP off of Activision or creates their own Rhythm IP. Guitar Hero was my shit back on the PS2

karlowma1486d ago

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has consumed my life!

Guitar Hero/Rock Band prompted me to actually learn guitar, so I am thankful for that. :D

SojournUK1486d ago

They got boring if you were 16+

knifefight1486d ago

Hatsune Miku
Final Fantasy Theatarhythm
Uta Kumi 575
Michael Jackson Experience
Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Still a lot of good rhythm games coming out.

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