There is No Hardcore Shooter Fan Who Doesn't Love Destiny

If you accept Destiny for what it is, how can you possibly call it a colossal disappointment?

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GuruStarr781580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I consider myself in that category and while I really do love the game, I'm finding that to succeed in pvp you need to have a legendary or better auto rifle, anything less and you'll lose alot of head to head matchups... of course, some might disagree.. I'm still using the strangers pulse rile and having moderate success, but I'm on the hunt or an exotic or legendary auto rifle, to really give me an edge...

hopefully I'll have enough strange coins when Xur puts an auto rifle up for grabs... either that, or I'm going for one of the legendary rifles that the crucible weapons seller sells once I hit crucible rep 3 (which should be today or tomorrow, although I hit my crucible money limit and won't start getting more til tommorow, but will only have 105, so I'll have to wait til next week to get the 150 that it costs)

I also got my first exotic bounty or an exotic weapon, but from what I've read online, it gives you an exotic shotgun and doesn't seem to be worth all the work I'll need to put in to get it...

Overall, I'm enjoying this game alot and would say that I love it... with some more TLC from Bungie, the game will only get better!

Neonridr1580d ago

in regards to the exotic bounty, it depends on which one you choose to do. Usually you should get a choice between 3 exotic bounties to complete, each one resulting in a different weapon. Yes there is a bounty for an exotic shotgun, but only if you chose that specific bounty.

GuruStarr781580d ago

Yeah, I knew that before - hand, but I wish that the game would let you know which exotic weapon you're getting... especially since it's crazy amount of work to get it... guess that's what the internet is for. from what I've seen, there aren't any exotic bounties or an exotic auto rifle... yet.

I've already obtained an exotic pulse rile, but I have no desire to use it, I tried it in PVP and it wasn't the greatest... Like I said beore, you really need an automatic weapon to get kills, or be extremely skilled (which I'm not...LOL).

Neonridr1580d ago

well double check the pulse rifle bonuses, because some of them let you fire the pulse rifle in fully automatic mode, which might help you.

I would kill for an exotic weapon, need 3 more strange coins, so by this upcoming weekend I will buy one if Xur is selling either an auto rifle, sniper rifle, hand cannon or pulse rifle.

Looking forward to getting an exotic bounty.

XBLSkull1579d ago

I am a hardcore shooter fan. I guess if you consider that I traded it in once I leveled to 20 and less than a week later, that I loved the game, then okay haha. Guy has to be a PlayStation shooter fan lol, I had much better gaming experiences in Halo 1,2,3,4, Reach, and ODST.

NewMonday1579d ago

got a bit better for me after switching to auto rifle, winning more shootouts now

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urwifeminder1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I love shooters and have not played it at all so I don't know if I like it when it is $10 I will let you know fantastic generalisation though. But the amount of articles are certainly making me sick of it before I get to play lol.

Clown_Syndr0me1579d ago

I guess I'm not hardcore.
I love online shooters, but Destiny bored me to death sadly.

DragoonsScaleLegends1579d ago

30fps sucks with first person shooters.

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