Press Release: More Details on Tonight’s WWE 2k15 Roster Reveal Special Airing on the WWE Network

Apparent Wwe2k15 roster reveal tonight according to a press release by 2k.

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patsrule3161538d ago

That sounds like it was the reveal that they aired at Summerslam in August, not a new reveal.

Rainbowcookie1538d ago

That would be both disappointing and pointless so let hope not.

Bigkurz851538d ago

and thats exactly what it is.

TheJacksonRGN1538d ago

This is the same reveal from Summerslam they just split it into two parts. The first aired last night on raw.

pop-voxuli1538d ago

Yeah, this is the "Next Generation" they were hyping all week. Totally disappointing.

Enmson1538d ago

The "Next Generation" was the gameplay reveal trailer not this.