5 Underrated Shooters You Can Substitute For Call of Duty This Fall

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "So “Fall”, or “Autumn” as we like to call it in the UK, is almost upon us, or is already showering us with a brilliant cascade of crispy brownness depending on where you live or what particular calendar you subscribe to. For videogames this means we’re about to encounter a similar cascade of brownness in the form of big budget AAA releases, most of which happen to be games wherein you blow stuff up, shoot guys, and say things like “The LZ is hot”. Destiny has ushered in this year’s Fall of Titan shooters (which doesn’t include Titanfall), and we’re soon to be graced by yet another Call of Duty game in the form of COD 11: Are They Even Trying to Name These Things Anymore, a game with notably fewer market competitors this year, what with the absence of the now delayed Battlefield Hardline: You’d Better Believe This Will Be Controversial."

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