New Metal Gear Solid 5 Screens Are Highly-Detailed, Highly-Lethal

Konami has heard all of you wanting some higher-res screens of the latest Metal Gear Solid 5 footage, instead of the low-quality ones that were captured from the -also low-quality- videos.

The publisher has sent over a massive batch of screens for the upcoming title. The screens below feature a look at Quiet, Ocelot and Snake in various situations. Oh, and the Diamond Dog.

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Paprika1539d ago

Final fantasy XV looked epic... but this looks sublime. Wow!

Fizzler1539d ago

In all fairness though FFXV looks better, but then again it's a next-gen exclusive whereas this is cross-gen.

oSHINSAo1539d ago

FFXV is coming to Xbox One...

Qrphe1539d ago


Yes, X1 is a next-gen console

Flyingdog6701539d ago

When he means "Next-Gen Exclusive" He means both PS4 and Xbox One. Unless your trying to make some kind of witty remark.

Spore_7771539d ago


Lol, your comment's made my morning. Hahaha.

UltimateMaster1539d ago

No, the Xbox One is not a next-gen console because it has been released.

Dee_911538d ago

these comments made my brain hurt

Rainbowcookie1538d ago

You probably mean current gen .

bouzebbal1538d ago

i am not sure 15 is 100% next gen. it has been shifted from PS3 to PS4 and i dont think they threw 6 years of development away

sonypsnow1538d ago

FFXV don't have to cope with PS3 graphical limitations and PS4 provides much more room for graphical excellence.

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cyclindk1539d ago

How can something look less than a lime?

Crazy talk... if anything it is super-eggplant.

1538d ago
GuyThatPlaysGames1538d ago

Don't get me wrong it looks good at first glance but take a closer look and its jaggies galore and a ton of stuff that should be rounded are square-ish.

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jagstar441539d ago

why does the hair and stuff look weird, like pixelated

Plagasx1539d ago

Hair basically looks bad in all games but here it does indeed look a little too jaggy..needs some Anti Aliasing..

Darkwatchman1539d ago

Tomb Raider's TressFX says hi

Plagasx1539d ago

Yea, with a 100fps hit lol.

Scholla1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

What is the deal with that anyway? Why do games have such a problem simulating hair in general? Is it that Hard?

One of the reasons I was looking forward to this gen was thinking the "hair issue" would be rectified.I'm hoping we don't have to wait to next, next gen to get it right.

TomahawkX1538d ago

The hair looks fine to me, better than most games in fact.

Scholla1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

And I hope they fix the water, the water looked horrible in Ground Zeroes it even looked worst than any PS3 game I've played dare I say it's almost PS2-ish.

Scenarist1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@scholla. the thing about hair is balancing realism vs that old blocky hair of old games. The only way to get true realism is to render out individual strands of hair ( how many are on your head?) and have each one dynamically interact with any forces such as other strands, wind, water, character movement, etc. It gets very demanding in the calculations to pull off without some type of "clump"data this is why we have seen so many single mesh hair styles in video games.

we are getting better with hair , but still along way off from fully , truly dynamic hair , that interacts with itself and have proper hit detection with shoulders arms chest (depending on how long said hair is). and then to top it all it still has to go through the lighting engine .. which also adds 100x more calculations

also I hope Im understandable .. its 6am and i had no sleep ..

edit: with all that said .... the hair looks great to me

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hkgamer1539d ago

you know that japanese publishers are serious when they start releasing high res screenshots. :P

KnightRobby1539d ago

So 2015-2016 will be Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V, The Division, Bloodborne, and Star Wars Battlefront? OMG, we are so spoiled! :D

FullmetalRoyale1539d ago

Batman. The Witcher. It never ends.


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