Preview: 'Woolfe' Has a Bark and Plenty of Bite | J Station X

J Station X writes

"Woolfe (or Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries if you’re nasty) is based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Although versions of the tale have involved cross-dressing, seduction and good ol’ fashioned murder, Woolfe tells the story of Red as she seeks to get revenge for her dad’s death, suspecting that his employer B.B Woolfe had something to do with it.

It’s far darker and twistier than the story your mum told you before bedtime but it’s not quite scary enough to keep you awake at night. Woolfe has been shown off at E3 (as part of the Xbox presser) and was wheeled out for a demo at Gamescom.

I have since played that demo and with this Woolfe preview I can tell you my thoughts!"

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