[IGN] Lords of the Fallen Plays by the Rules, but That’s OK


"“We don't think of Lords of the Fallen as game that is unlike any experience gamers have had before,” noted Tomasz Gop, Executive Producer at Lords of the Fallen developer CI Games. “It's like all of the best experiences they've had before.”

I spent roughly an hour of hands-on time with Lords and a half-hour discussing it with Gop and I can find little to refute that comment. I also got the sense that the team's found a great way to welcome RPG fans into new-gen: playing by the rules. Granted, that's not the sexiest takeaway, but between extremely deep combat that boasts a shocking variety of fighting styles and the gorgeous presentation that allows for epic effects against giant demons without skipping a beat, much of Lords of the Fallen already looks appealing. Making the experience itself challenging while minimizing frustration is key."

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