Check Out The Beautiful "Booth Companions" of Tokyo Game Show

While in the west “booth babes” are often seen as a source of controversy and with no small measure of scorn, in Japan at Tokyo Game Show they’re named “booth companions” and they’re seen as idols, often walking around with personal “bodyguards” to make sure that they can perform their job without any kind of interference.

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Paprika1540d ago

Gigiddy gigiddy gigiddyGOO!

SugarSoSweet1540d ago

Never understood why booth babes are needed at a gaming video....

user65409481540d ago

It's for female equality. They wanna balance out the amount of guys & gals at these events.

dreamed1540d ago

B'coz sex sells

Look at every hydroponic magazine on the market,every company selling plant food does so with at least one hot chic in a bikini in there adverts,what has growing tomatoes got to do with hot scantly clad girls???

hkgamer1540d ago

first of all its to attract people to your booth. if one company has nice girls and my booth has me. im pretty sure i know which booth people would go to.

i also think its just a way to weed out the smaller people. basically having booth babes means you need a bigger budget if you wanted a booth. therefore you should be a pretty big company and not some smalltime guy that is selling iphone covers.

i do understand why e3 and such has banned(?) these though.

Gore-Content1540d ago

No one takes video games seriously because of this.

ShaunCameron1540d ago

Typical Western response.

Gh05t1540d ago

??? How do you figure? A lot of things are sold to western cultures through "Attractive" marketing. I would say its more common than not when selling to a man to either use a woman to want after or a male that makes you wish you were him.

Cryptcuzz1540d ago

Come on man, even football has cheerleaders, car shows has booth babes, etc.

Those who don't take video games seriously are those that thinks violence in young people are do to video games, when there is zero evidence that backs that up.

People who don't take video games seriously can't be because of how much the industry is worth, because the console business is worth like 20 billion dollars within each generation.

Inception1539d ago

Emmmm Yakuza Zero chicks looks delicious :3