Turtle Rock on How Evolve Plans to Last Well into the Future

Hardcore Gamer: Evolve has been the talk of every show it’s had a presence at. From PAX East 2014, to E3, to Gamescom, all the way to PAX Prime 2014. Even though it was hit by a delay, causing it to be slated for a February 2015 release, it remains one of the most highly anticipated games on the horizon. Turtle Rock Studios is looking to make Evolve a title that players come back to for years to come, much like Left 4 Dead. We recently caught up with Chloe Skew, Producer at Turtle Rock Studios, to chat about replay value, DLC plans, and how Evolve plans to avoid the dreaded “Titanfall Syndrome.”

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159888855561485d ago

Oh please, Evolve has no chance of being as cool as Destiny.

LogicLee1485d ago

This game will definitely follow in Titanballs' footsteps. It'll be fun for a week, and then vanish. More monsters doesn't make a game better -- good mechanics do.