Can the Wii U Reach the Popularity Level of the Wii?

The release of Mario Kart 8 has boosted Wii U consoles sales. Is there anyway Nintendo could continue this trend? What is it that is holding people back from buying the Wii U at this point? Does Nintendo have a long term plan to boost sales of the system? The Gamers Lounge speculates on what the sales numbers mean and asks the question can the Wii U succeed the same way the Wii could?

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badz1491579d ago

it will be lucky to sell as much as the gamecube at this rate!

Loadedklip1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

The best case scenario for Wii U is N64 totals. The most likely scenario is Gamecube totals, worst case is sub Gamecube totals.

Wii sold thanks to casuals who have moved on to IOS and Andriod.

The gamepad and Wii U games have failed to regain the attention of these casuals like the Wiimote did with Wii Sports.

What we have left is just the core Nintendo fans which is the basically what the Gamecube did.

20 million sold thanks to the games of only one publisher though is impressive but it is also realistically not that great for a console since Wii U pretty much just has Nintendo games ... barely any third party support to speak of.

When people buy an X-Box or Playstation ... they aren't just buying them for Sony or Micosoft. They are buying those systems mostly for EA, Activision, UBIsoft, Square-Enix, Take-Two, Capcom, Konimi, Bethesda, etc etc etc.

Without the support of Casuals ... and without third party support ... Nintendo is just ONE publisher supporting the Wii U. 20 million is all you can realistically predict in this scenario.

Mind you ... Nintendo doesn't even focus 100% on their home console. They use a lot of their AAA talent on the 3DS which hurts the rate they can get games out for Wii U. Add in the lack of third party games on the system, it makes the gaps between games feel like forever due to all of this.

badz1491579d ago

phantom disagrees as always.

I said "at this rate" which is a reality the Wii U is facing at the moment. almost 2 years in and only barely cracked the 7mil mark just recently. that's not good at all considering all the big IPs already hitting the console and still fail to sustain the demand for it. I do hope it will do better though. and yeah, I'm serious.

user55757081578d ago

No the will not repeat the success of the wii because they moved away from the casual audience. The wii opened up the video game market to nongamers and expanded the age range from very young to elderly. The Wii U will not appeal to the same crowd the wii appealed to and nintendo will probably only reach sales of 35-50 million lifetime for WiiU.

3-4-51579d ago

Wii U is everything the Wii should have been and it's an awesome little console with a solid amount of really high quality games.

* The Popularity with the Wii gave Nintendo a false sense of security and belief that those people would return.

They don't know of out "trends", and how quickly people move on.

We don't have solid traditions like they do in Japan so it's harder to judge us, as we come from so many different beliefs and backgrounds...

They could never full know what we in the US want....heck...WE don't even know what we want.

* I do know that Wii U has some of the BEST games of this new generation.

* Mario Kart 8, Smash Brothers, Captain Toad, SM3DWorld, NSMBU, Xenoblade & Legend of Zelda....

Everything else for me is a bonus after that..

Chrischi19881579d ago

PS4^^ No, actually not, not at this rate. I as one of the biggest Wii U defenders, not fanboys, defenders from hating fanboys, who loves the console, says definitely NO. I like my Wii U, but by now it should be clear, that non of the new gen consoles will reach Wii numbers.

Spotie1579d ago

So you're saying the console that's the fastest selling in history- selling faster than the best selling console ever- won't surpass the third best console in history, even though it's doing so without its heaviest hitters?

Are you being totally serious? Or is this your Nintendo defense talking?

Concertoine1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


The PS4 is currently tracking around 1.5 million behind the Wii. Its not the fastest selling ever. It will probably outsell it, but the notion that the PS4 is outselling the wii was spread purely on launch numbers which Sony prepared for and Nintendo didnt. Since then the PS4 fell back behind the Wii. I personally think the PS4 will beat the Wii and PS1 but not the PS2. Time will tell.

The wii at this point was over 12 million.

As for the Wii U, i think it will hit 20 million for sure, and if nintendo supports it longer it might hit n64 levels. Considering the inflated market and longer lifespan in relation to the GC and n64 though, that is still their worst performing console, and in fact the worst performing console in terms of units sold in a LONG time.

For those curious, the GC sold almost 10 million at this point in its life (21 months) Of course it had better support from both nintendo and third parties.

gangsta_red1579d ago


"'re saying the console that's the fastest selling in history- selling faster than the best selling console ever..."

I love how Sony fed you this line and you are sitting here pretending it's actually true.

Chrischi19881579d ago

Spotie, instead of taking everything Sony says as word of god, maybe look up numbers. By the time of its life, like the ps4 now, the Wii had more consoles sold than the PS4 and I dont see anything. Funny how you guys think news from a year ago will automatically stay like that forever. I am serious, the question is, are you, get your facts straight instead of giving me that "are you serious" bs. Honestly, what is up with a ps4 fanboys mind, not that of fans, fanboys, you cant seriously take even the slightest bit of something, that doesnt make the PS4 the best thing of all time...

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NintendoSonyfan1579d ago

I remember those first couple of years when it looked like the PS3 would be selling Gamecube numbers. That was a hell of a turn around.

pcz1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

the wiiu will never reach wii sales and it will never be popular on a commercial level. it has NO presence in the market or in the gaming public's consciousness, let alone the general public.

the only thing the wiiu can hope for now is RESPECT among gaming fans. or to be more particular, nintendo fans. nintendo has lost the casuals it sold its soul to try to appease, its only hope is to now win back the hearts, minds and imaginations of the people they should have been looking out for in the beginning- gamers!

but even then i have my doubts, nintendo has lost its soul somewhere and it will take a lot of searching to retrieve it.

if it werent for Xenoblade 2, i wouldnt even buy a wiiu. nintendo needs to secure great titles like this, and secure the support of devs who can bring great GAMES.

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GuruStarr781579d ago

As much as I love the Wii U and I think Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Devils 3rd, Hyrule Warriors, etc will do good things for system sales; it'll never reach the popularity of the Wii.. it's too bad, but for those of us who do own one, it's a great system and is only getting better with the release of some great titles.

As much as I wish it had more 3rd party support, it's ok... that's what Xbone/360 and ps3/4 are for...

darthv721579d ago

Its a shame more gamers dont give it a fair chance. They may be pleasantly surprised by its offerings. Especially fun and creative titles like wonderful 101 and the soon to come...splatoon.

Fun games that a gamer of any skill can really enjoy. The wii was a hit with the casual crowd and nintendo came out with a more core based system and the core are snubbing it because to them, its not core enough.

Switchie1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Well said, I have to agree, the Wii U won't reach the same level of popularity but it doesn't have too. The Wii U is a great system right now and has a lot to offer.

Third party support might not be as strong and that really does sadden me, but first party support is amazing and personally right now there are more first party games both released and unreleased, that I want on the Wii U then both PS4 and Xbox1 combined. I also love how the Wii U has a lot of couch co-op games! something that is pretty much dead on the PS4 and XB1.

Nintendo still has plenty of chances and time to change the game and make a huge turn around, The Wii U might not be the "be-all end-all" but its a great machine and a great option, I really wish people would open up more to different things and just relax, I'm sure if they did, they would find a lot of love for the Wii U. You don't just have to be loyal to one thing, life is too short, explore and be open minded to new things and ideas. Anyway to end my comment lol, I don't think the Wii U will reach the same level of popularity but Nintendo is already changing their game and making good moves, Don't count them out yet.

PS Nintendo, I would love some more HD remakes perhaps Mario 64 HD or Super Mario Sunshine HD or even a sequel would be awesome! OMG!! a new Luigi’s mansion please!, Oh! and please release the new Fatal Frame game in NA, k thanks bye Lol :D

Neckbear1579d ago

Well, no.

But that's exactly why it's better than the Wii.

weekev151579d ago

So its better than wii because its not as popular? Sounds like hipster logic.

GordonKnight1578d ago

The Wii U is better than the Wii. The big difference is that the Wii got tons of great press and the Wii U got tons horrible press. The media has all the sheep under control. look at the music industry.

This is why more and more Devs are going indie. Games use to be made for the love of gaming, but now it's all about making money. cough EA cough MS cough AV.

Can't wait until the indie scene puts the AAA companies out of business.

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