Lords of the Fallen is 900p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

Lords of the Fallen will run at 900p on Xbox One and 1080p on PlayStation 4, creative director Tomasz Gop has confirmed to VideoGamer.

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Enemy1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

So much for "the gap is closing."

Shadow of Mordor is also 1080p on PS4 and shooting for 60fps, but when asked about the resolution on Xbone, they dodged the question.

Most of the demos for Lords of the Fallen have been running on PS4, and it looks really fun. The more RPGs the better. Looks like Sony finally heard our cries.

Neonridr1486d ago

who's to say this game still won't look fantastic on the Xbox One even at only 900p? Why do you feel the need to stir the pot?

Enemy1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Stir the pot? It's the topic you clicked on. If you're not here to discuss it then leave.

Posting facts = stirring the pot

Edit: @ below: That's a fact too, as clearly confirmed by this news.

The more powerful console gets the better looking version, which I'm sure was the lead version as well. Shocking.

Neonridr1486d ago

and your "the gap is closing" joke is posting facts and not trying to stir up trouble?

...... right

Neonridr1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

regardless of the resolution, you shouldn't be preaching like not being 1080p means it's a bad game. Pretty sure TLOU won many GOTY awards and it was what.. a 720p game?

It's great that the PS4 has a higher resolution, I have one too, so that's a bonus. But stop talking like that makes the Xbox One version that much worse because it displays less pixels on the screen. Pretty sure the game will play exactly the same way and the story will be identical. Thus if the game is any fun to play on the PS4, then guess what, it should be fun to play on the Xbox One as well.

Why can't it be that simple? Hooray that the PS4 gets the higher resolution, should we all get medals for that?

Highlife1486d ago


It's the internet where is there not someone stirring up trouble.

xHeavYx1486d ago

Comparing a last gen game to a next gen game? Getting a bit desperate, no?

Enemy1486d ago

44% less pixels isn't nothing. Funnily enough, the PS4 is 44% more powerful than Xbox One. Talk about dead accurate.

Neonridr1486d ago

@Heavy - not really, not when the game came out last year. I am merely saying, nobody was complaining that that game was only 720p when it was busy winning awards. When did 1080p become such a golden standard that all other things shall be deemed inferior?

@Enemy - I get what you are saying, but let's imagine that you only had an Xbox One for a second. If you were playing the game at 900p and the game looked fantastic to you, you wouldn't know what you are missing would you? You would be perfectly happy playing this game, so thus the resolution means jack crap. The only time it's going to matter is if you have two systems and two TVs side by side to do a comparison. Besides, If PC gamers can play a game at like 4K resolution does that mean that a multiplat game on the PS4 and XB1 are crap using your theory? Of course not.

Volkama1486d ago

44% more pixels? Wooooooaaa.

I mean, my PC will render 400% more pixels than your PS4, but don't let me get in the way of your bragging.

You should probably note though that my PC will not diminish your enjoyment of the PS4 version. Similarly your PS4 will not tarnish the enjoyment that others could have with the XBox version. So drop the fanboy nonsense.

christocolus1486d ago


Dude let it go, stop arguing with these guys, if you like the game go out and get it on which ever console you like. Its what I do. Res has never been the constant factor behind my purhases..its one of the least factors imho. is the game fun? Is it your type of game? How does it control are the reviews any good?

I bet you'll get the exact same experience on either platform. Just don't waste your time arguing.

FlunkinMonkey1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

1080p became the 'golden standard' when people started dishing out 100's of dollars and pounds on next generation systems, with the understandable expectation that they should be considerably superior to their predecessors.

Pretty simple really.

dantesparda1486d ago

Why are all you MS fanboys acting so defensive? If y'all dont care then why even respond? Fact, the PS4 is technically superior, deal with it. You people make so many excuses its not even funny. Defend, defend, excuses and defend some more.

Its pretty pathetic wacthing you people make dumb excuses, 1080p became expected the second this gen started (as a matter of fact everybody was expecting 1080p/60fps). Not 900p, face it the X1 is just deficient. And bringing the PC into a console comparison is just stupid.

-wub-1486d ago

@Volkama Is your PC worth $400? No, no it isn't.

Volkama1486d ago

-wub- no of course not. My 4k tv and 7.1 surround weren't cheap either.

So what? I'm not here to tell you how bad the PS4 is (it isn't). I'm just responding to the people that are here to say how bad the One is (it isn't).

Spotie1486d ago

Well said, Dante. These guys are defending like they're in danger of being extinct. They keep claiming they don't care, but look how often they're in articles, and how many bubbles full of text they spew.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Neonridr1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

@dantesparda - I don't own an Xbox One, I have a PS4, so how am I a MS fanboy?

I just get tired of the whole "my console is better than your console" argument when it means nothing considering we're looking at our TV and they are looking at their TV.

Should I make fun of someone because the TV I play on is 240Hz and theirs might only by 60Hz? Or my TV displays better colors? It's all trivial because it's your experience vs someone elses.

While the PS4 definitely offers the "best" experience possible when it comes to console gaming for a multiplat, that doesn't mean that any other version on the market is suddenly unplayable or pure garbage.

Ju1486d ago

@Spotie, but it IS funny

SilentNegotiator1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

No one said it won't look good...just that it won't look AS good and the gap between ps4 and xbone isn't closing.

So stop pretending like every time someone talks about ps4 having the better resolution, they're actually saying that the Xbone version will look bad; it makes you look like a silly fanboy trying too hard.

dRanzer1485d ago Show
Volkama1485d ago

@dRanzer This isn't an article for console gamers. This is an article for fanboys.

If you don't like to talk about pixel counts and superior versions that's good. If you don't care that I can play this game with 400% more pixels than you that's good too.

Just note that people with Xboxes feel the same way as you.

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DanzoSAMA1486d ago

I don't understand, is the problem from Developer ? maybe lazy ?
because a lot of games running at 1080p after new sdk.

jackanderson19851486d ago

not necessarily lazy, they're under time constraints, they're new systems, X1 has the E-Sram which others are saying is difficult to work with.

Not necessarily lazy but out of time devs

Jury1486d ago

Maybe it's not worth putting all the extra resources into getting the game to run at 1080 on the weaker system with the much smaller user base... Or maybe it's just not possible due to the inferior hardware. Hard to say really

Enemy1486d ago

Cross gen games don't count.

tlougotg1486d ago

Alot of games? Where? Not Alot but some less intensive ones.

ABizzel11486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

The XBO GPU is equivalent to the underclocked R7 260 (YES without the X). You underclock a R7 260 and you get a HD 7770 which is pretty much what all XBO games have been performing on par with.

Those GPUs recommended resolutions are 900p; however, they can still play many games in 1080p, but for the more demanding titles 1080p will be harder to stay consistently above 40fps mark which is how you get a locked 30fps game.

Simply put the GPU in the XBO is powerful enough to play most games in 1080p, but the more demanding games (high end PC games) aren't meant to be played at 1080p with the GPU in the XBO.

Ju1486d ago

I think it's the wrong priorities here. If devs spent so much time squeezing the XO to push it to 1080 they could as well spend the same of time to push the PS4 even further. But now we are getting the same just to sell a game on parity while the PS4 isn't really getting pushed. A shame, actually; or the result is 1080p vs 960p.

BX811486d ago

I don't get your point? Since the ps4 is easier to dev for shouldn't they have more time to put towards it?

Ju1485d ago

Sure...but imagine devs would put the same effort in optimizing the PS4 version as they do pushing the XO to 1080p. PS4 games would certainly look quite a bit better (compare exclusives to multi platform titles). The problem is, those games "just run" on the PS4. So the time is spent elsewhere. Unfortunately this doesn't benefit the PS4 version.

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annoyedgamer1486d ago

Yes the apocalypse is upon us. Its over. We should all just give up.

tgunzz1486d ago

@logicalreason, kudos for the great breakdown. However, you won't see that difference without slides/stills, and even then it will be a waste of a comparison. Going off you're gamertag, I assume you know this... But yes, the numbers are bigger then the end result.

RyujiDanma1486d ago


superior? call me when playstation updates their firmware, as for the 180 extra pixels, who cares!!! I'm here to play games

1486d ago
SilentNegotiator1486d ago

A 50% increase over the Xbone...sounds familiar.

CaptainObvious8781485d ago

If you're here to play games why are you so concerned about firmware updates?


DLConspiracy1486d ago

Pointing out the obvious and restating facts isn't any better.

Muzikguy1486d ago

I just wish Capcom, Activision, EA, SE, and now Ubisoft would hear them too!

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oneluckybullet1486d ago

I play games for what they are, games. Not to count pixels. Having both consoles lets me pick which games for which systems. To each their own though.

OhReginald1486d ago

But is it 900p / 60fps xbox one and 1080p / 40fps ps4?

DanzoSAMA1486d ago

lol, maybe like Tomb Raider.

ABizzel11486d ago

No Tomb Raider was 1080p @ 30fps capped on the XBO (cutscenes were dropped to 900p), and 1080p @ 60fps capped on the PS4.

JWiLL5521486d ago

TR:DR was smooth as hell on PS4. I don't care if the FPS wasn't locked it played beautifully.

Benjammin251486d ago

This is probably the most stupid comment I have ever read. So what you're saying, is that they lowered the resolution on the Xbox One version so they could achieve 60fps, but they didn't bother with the PS4 version? Jesus my head hurts...

Ju1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Which game actually did that? Have a link? There is no cut down / trade off for a PS4 game running 1080p. Show me one which traded features for resolution (compared to the XO version).

MetroidFREAK211486d ago

What NO!? NOT 900p Oh God no! Please lord someone fix this dreaded issue now! Please before anyone cares. Please I can't go on like this... 900p geezus no!

Enemy1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Damage control disguised as not caring. How clever. I guess accepting reality is easier for some.

If this had been a post about the Xbox getting the upper hand by 1%, Xbox kids would have claimed superiority. But the PS4 is 44% superior not just in specs, but in 99% of multiplat games.

Quick, act like you don't care! Hurr- oh wait..

Convas1486d ago

I envy the likes you who can spend your days fighting meaningless battles on the internet.

MetroidFREAK211486d ago

Lol I really don't care. I could be more happy playing my Dreamcast in 480i counting the pixels on every character on screen than worry about XB1vPS4

RyujiDanma1486d ago

have fun counting those pixels, I'm sure you'll be doing it more than playing the game

ps4 users

Imalwaysright1486d ago

Who are you to tell people what they should or not care about?

BX811485d ago

This enemy kid is adorable. He is in here defending the ps4 tooth and nail but can't comprehend why this isn't a big deal for people. Quick enemy act like you don't have a clue! Hurr- oh wait..

Aussiebeachbabe1485d ago

Give it a break enemy. Everyone arguing over a few dots in a square inch. How pathetic. If that's the case forget consoles(old school res) and just buy pc version.

kenshiro1001485d ago

I bet if it was the PS4 that was 900p, XBox fans would have had a field day. Still moving goal posts huh?

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MetroidFREAK211485d ago

@imalwaysright Did i say that you all should believe in everything I do? No I didn't... Calm down little man