Oculus Creator Teases 'multibillion-dollar' Developers Doing 'serious work' in VR

VRFocus - While the indie development community is undeniably doing a impressive job supporting virtual reality (VR) technology right now, many are waiting to see what larger development studios with the funding from huge publishers will achieve. It’s a question that’s pitted to Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) creator Palmer Luckey just about every time the device is shown to the public. When last asked at the Oculus Connect developer conference in Hollywood, California, Luckey dropped a tantalising tease about big budget developers and VR.

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WeAreLegion1578d ago

I'm sure most of the big names are either toying around with it or building games from the ground up for it. Many games will have support for VR.

DragoonsScaleLegends1578d ago

I can't see that many big publishers making games for it since most focus on consoles and this won't work on consoles. Actually now that I think about since sony will be releasing there own vr headset lots of the main publishers might make games for it since the games could be compatible with PS4 and PC.

DonMingos1578d ago

So minecraft will have a oculus version

Clover9041577d ago

Oculus was trying to get Minecraft to support VR, but Notch broke off talks when Facebook purchased Oculus. Now that Microsoft owns Minecraft I don't think there's any chance of an "official" VR support. You can play Minecraft in VR now, so as long as Microsoft doesn't limit modding in Minecraft you'll definitely have VR.

ibrake4naps1578d ago

All i know is I'm tired of the talk. I wanna see some vr release already...

Clover9041577d ago

It has only been two years since the kickstarter. Just think about that. Oculus VR has went from a kickstarter all the way to being purchased by Facebook for $2 billion in only two years. That's insane. And every time Oculus shows a new prototype there are huge improvements. I cannot wait to finally get my hands on the consumer version, and it's looking like next year is the year for consumer VR.+

TardcoreGamer1578d ago

The "multi-billion dollar dev" is Valve.