Is Raising a Daughter to Love Video Games a Good Idea Nowadays?

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "No, what worries me isn't video games, it's the video game community. It's certainly not a newsflash to anybody who is part of this world to say that the dark underbelly of video game fandom has been prominently on display these past few weeks."

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CerealKiller1489d ago

Please this guy doesn't know the real video game community.

Blacktric1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I won't take anybody, who quote Dr. Phil unironically, serious anyway. Not to mention that not so thinly veiled "lol gamergate is wrong!" bullshit he tried to convey along with praising everyone (and themselves) who signed that pathetic "devs against harrasment" letter that SJWs tried to push a few weeks ago... Him, involving his daughter in all this is just a cherry on top.

I'll be sure to NOT give them hits from now on...

Story Quality - WTF?
Like This Website? - NO

dcj05241489d ago

Dafuq? Why is a letter against harassment "pathetic"?

Blacktric1488d ago

"Why is a letter against harassment "pathetic"?"

Because it was concocted by the same people who were involved with corrupt journalists to divert attention from the real issue.

Do a five minute Google search. It's not that hard.

mixelon1489d ago

It doesn't make any difference who's "real" and who isn't, the hatred is real and presents very quickly. Just look at any of the "live on playstation" feeds with a girl in. Eek.

It might be 1% sexist, disgusting trolls but if they're attacking your little girl that doesn't stop it being a problem.

He goes to lengths to say he thinks most gamers are great, and says its a minority.

Sometimes I feel like N4G's translator, haha.

CerealKiller1489d ago

Yea but a lot of the trolls are just internet trolls that have nasty comments on everything and not just specifically video games. You could watch a youtube video of anything and see plenty of hate, mostly sexist and racist.

mixelon1489d ago

@CerealKiller Well.. Yes, but it still happens in our corner way too much, and we should do everything we can to stop it. It's not acceptable wherever it happens.

The peculiarities of this medium make it very social, and the avenues for trolling are wider. We have to be a bit more vigilant.

lifesanrpg1489d ago

Shouldn't raise a child to like anything. Let them discover things and decide for themselves if they like it. You can introduce them to new things, but don't "raise them" to like it.

Chrischi19881489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

So its ok if they do drugs? I guess not. There are definitely some things, they need to learn, what is good for them and what not. But I also agree with you, that they should discover most, but not all, if you know what I mean.

Adrian_v011489d ago

You can teach them to use common sense to distinguish what's wrong and what's right. But really, you shouldn't try to raise them to like anything, cause you can't. If they get curious about drugs, being authoritative can be a motivation more to do it.

Chrischi19881489d ago

I am literally shocked, but then again, it is n4g^^

randomass1711489d ago

It's important to guide and educate children. I wouldn't let my kid play a game like Grand Theft Auto or Gears of War until they were in their mid to late teens because I don't feel that that is appropriate for them.

NiteX1489d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. What if your daughter doesn't like video games?

EdoubleD1489d ago

Your kid will be fine? I don't see the worry man.
The world is ugly as is, this 'Dark underbelly' you refer to is all around us.

Software_Lover1489d ago

How about you just raise a daughter. Let her decide if she wants to play video games or not.

annoyedgamer1489d ago

This dude is trying to indite the video game community whilst using his poor daughter as a scapegoat.

EdoubleD1489d ago

Yeah, this is just another site added to my blacklist.

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