Yes, EA is monitoring your naughty Spore creations

EA has begun cracking down on some of the naughtier creations uploaded, sending a "please stop or we'll ban your EA account" email to PC Gamer's Kristen Salvatore for her Boobalicious creation.

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pwnsause3774d ago

They control the System!!!

White-Sharingan3773d ago

no! the system is ours!!

activate it

Silogon3774d ago

I've tried downloading and running this 10x's today and it just won't work. It says I need to install an EA installer or something and it won't let me. Oh and well.

STEVIE_3774d ago

I managed to get it working without installing that...strange

nice_cuppa3774d ago

nice to know !

ea suck !

dragunrising3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The user purchases the "right" to use a license rather than the "right" to use said game as he/she sees fit. Kind of bothersome. I remember before the advent of "online connectivity" when you could do anything you wanted in a game. Remember Game Genie?

KidMakeshift3774d ago

Creating c0ck monsters has been the only intriguing aspect of the game for me

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