Video Game Programmers / Producers Earn $70,000+ Per Year In Canada (Average)

From NextGen Player:

"According to the Game Developer magazine research cited in the article, the "average programmer or game producer in Canada now makes more than $70,000 US". While high, Canadian employers still pay lower salaries than their US counterparts.

Figures are also given for artists, animators and game designers - they each take home approximately $58,000 on average. Audio techs rake in $57,000 a year, and those poor QA workers make the lowest at $37,000 US."

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n4gzz3776d ago

that's low. I thought, they would way more than that.

NaAsAr3776d ago

i am a field service technician for Ricoh Corporation and i make about as much as the audio techs. with overtime of course ;)

highdro3776d ago

@n4gzz same here, i was thinking the would be earning in the 100 of thousands if not millions since games sell bring in millions by the end of the year, ... o well they still get paid more than me =(

Bnet3433776d ago

Arod makes like 30 million a year ....

highdro3776d ago

whos sure the only reason y he earns that is because he probly owns a game company.

xblade503776d ago

arod is a baseball player

OOG3776d ago

BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA LMAO how could you not know who A ROD is lol thinking he owns a game studio bahahahaha lol...... Hes just one of the highest profile sports players in the world and also on of the highest paid...

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The story is too old to be commented.