Vrvana: There is 'enough space on the market for more than 2 gaming VR headsets'

VRFocus - It’s just under a week into the Kickstarter campaign for Vrvana’s Totem virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) now and things seem to be progressing smoothly. The company has raised over a third of its $350,000 CAD goal and has been busying itself trying to promote the campaign across the internet in order to further raise funds. Towards the end of last week the company hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, where it faced some tough questions from the VR community about how the device stacks up to the more popular VR HMD, the Oculus Rift.

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WeAreLegion1584d ago

Agreed. Just like there is room for more than one Blu-ray player manufacturer. I just want VR to be a success as a whole.

XBLSkull1584d ago

Hopefully all the time they are putting into it is going to solve all its issues, still a very real possibility there isn't room for any VR on the market. I've been tempted to pick up a oculus dev kit, anybody own one and have any thoughts on it?

WeAreLegion1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I don't own one, but I got to test out a DK2 and Morpheus at E3. It is just as awesome as everyone says. It's like that moment you picked up a controller and fell in love with video games. Or a light gun. ;)

This will change gaming. This will change film. This will change everything, if we allow it to. Eventually, we will be working with much smaller hardware, like glasses. That's the goal, anyway. But even with current hardware, this stuff is mind-blowing. According to everyone who has played the new kit, it's rocking a 4K resolution and the "screen door effect" is gone. That's great news! Eye tracking is here, too!

So, it's a matter of getting the marketing correct, pushing the right content, and not flooding the market with bad software. This whole thing is a gamble, but one I hope pays off. I couldn't be more excited about this stuff!

Zero-One1584d ago

It will never replace T.V.s. Quit trying to believe this thing has any purpose other than some first-person non-sense.

WeAreLegion1584d ago

It's not trying to replace TVs. It works incredibly well with third-person games, too.

This thing has great potential for thousands of new gameplay mechanics, on top of the other areas it can be beneficial. Just check out Google Cardboard on your phone, if you're curious. Seriously. I'm telling you. VR is incredible.

specialguest1584d ago

Spoken like someone who has never tried VR before, and I'm sure you haven't. Tv will never be replaced, but what VR offers is an immersion and sense of presence that TV can never offer, not even with the best graphics or multiple monitor setup. 3rd person games works perfectly well in VR with the example of Couch Knights. Games like God of War could still be awesome in the 3rd person view. Someday when you get the chance to try VR with the right demos, it will open your mind to a whole new world of gaming potential.

AndrewLB1584d ago

Since it's obvious that Oculus Rift and Morpheus are not in competition with each other because their potential customers don't overlap. Heck, both Sony and Microsoft have even said it themselves.

But even if they were, I'd have no problem with a third company. The more competition in this market the better. What if this company comes up with a great VR, or the more likely scenario would be they come in much cheaper, causing a price war. Consumers always come out on top the more competition there is.