Metal Gear Solid 4 PLAYSTATION 3 80GB Bundle: Where To Find

The 40GB Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid 4 PLAYSTATION 3 bundle ($599) is still currently available, as of 6/18/08, on It's actually been the PLAYSTATION 3 80 GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle (MSRP $499) that's tougher to find right now. Most retailers seem to be sold out online and at storefronts.
One place they have been spotted is somewhere you may not have thought of checking out: Blockbuster.

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sonarus3777d ago

Bottom line, no one really wants to pay 100 bucks just for a console with a different color even if that color is awesome. It makes it even worse when the cheaper console is better in every imaginable way. More hard drive space plus backward compatibility and i'm sure its more reliable as well.

kingOVsticks3777d ago

you really can't say no one since it sold out at some points but yeah If I didn't have a 60gb I would choose the 80gb

sonarus3777d ago

Correction. Normal people instead of no one lol:D

Bigrhyno3777d ago

Other than "more reliable", I agree with you.

-Maverick-3777d ago


crimsonfox3777d ago

if i had the money id get it.
for the controls the most probably.(grey)
but just having the box is enough for me.

ThanatosDMC3777d ago

They always run out in Fry's Electronics.

The_Kills3777d ago

Is that its for some stupid ass reason a 40GB SKU...and yet $100 more.

No frkn thanks.

clintos593777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Instead of trying to ripoff people just for a grey ps3, and going with a 40gb. Just doesnt make sense when u can buy the normal 80gb mgs4 bundle for 100 dollars off.

WickedRabbit3777d ago

The problem with Konami's bundle is that it was the 40gb model. Had it been the 80gb model it would have been flying off the shelf. Hell, I've had my PS3 since launch but I probably would have bought one just to have it had it been the 80gb. No one wants to spend that kind of money for a 40gb model, especially when the 40gb is the gimped version of the PS3. I'm sure Konami chose that to keep cost down, but for a limited edition, they should have gone all out and went with the better version of the PS3. Afterall, it's a limited edition... isn't that the point? Konami chose price over purpose and they are finding out the hard way that when it comes to limited edition consoles, purpose is more important than price.

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The story is too old to be commented.