Metal Gear Solid 4 Review: "Quite Possibly The Greatest Video Game Ever Made"

Matthew of SCRAWL writes "The Guns of The Patriots: 30 minute cutscenes, and "more then enough to satisfy anything that moves." Yes folks that was a Revolver Ocelot reference. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a spectacular showcase of what a developer can do on the PLAYSTATION 3."

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sonarus3958d ago

Best game ever might be stretching it. MGS1 still probably has the most impact on me but so far this yr and this gen, i really can't see a game that is better than MGS4. Its certainly the best MGS but the impact of the first one shall remain with me forever. Hiding in cardboard boxes, reading of memory cards, all that stuff was unheard of back then.

I think everyone is calling it best game ever because its so hard to imagine a game better than it but i am sure if i think back to PS2 era really hard, i can at least think of a game that comes close at least to me. Only one i can think of right now is shadow of the collosus.

kingOVsticks3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

because I know what you mean, there is always that one game that will reside in are hearts mine was shenmue 1.Its not the greatest game of all time like mgs4 but its just one of those games that really made me appreciate Japanese culture and video games in general .It also the first game that I played that made me experience peace , it was like being high on life with out moving an inch or stepping a foot outside..I also felt that with ico,SOTC,grandia,ff7,(played in ps2 gen), legend of zelda ocarina of time and now MGS4.I don't think you can experience it while playing an ultra violent game or a game with constant loud noise's or high octane adrenaline imo..... cheers for a meaningful games :)

BulletToothtony3958d ago

Some people can only speak out of their own experiences...

To some people this is an insult, to others this statement is true.

To me personally i have said many times in this website that this is true. This is indeed the best game that i've ever played..

How long have i been playing you ask.. let's just say that i owned an Atari 1600.. and since then i've owned almost every console.

But no other game has made me feel the way that MGS4 did, no other game kept me thinking about the story 48 hours after i was done with it.

In MY eyes mgs4 is the best game ever made.

sonarus3958d ago

Exactly. You can tell the game strives to be more than just your average game. Shenmue is another game that should go in the one of the best games ever list. Its one of those games that you will remember for life. MGS1 everyone remembers for life. The impact MGS1 had on me cannot be matched by any other game EVER. First time i played it i was harassing my parents for a PS1 the next day. It left me feeling disgusted over my N64.

Sigh those were the good old days where you get a good grade and you use that to get a new game:(. Now i have to buy my own sh1t

barom3958d ago

It's all a matter of opinion. Personally I found Okami to be the one game that has blown me away beyond my imagination and I would easily rank it as the best game ever made of course it's all my opinion. It's story, the world, gameplay mechanics, the characters, the style basically everything about the game is beyond perfection. It's a game I think no one but the game director could have come up with. Also the style is so unique that the graphics might never age (it hasn't so far)

As for MGS4, I can easily say that this has been so far my greatest gaming experience on this generation of consoles. It's something I will remember for sure. It has been able to capture my emotions many times and it's been the first time I was quick to do a second playthrough (normally I lay the game down for months and maybe even years). Also it's gonna ruin my grades (so many exams coming up) which will be another thing to remember it by.

deeznuts3958d ago

Best game ever might be stretching it, yes. But he did temper it with the "quite possibly" leaving the door open for another game. But the fact it's even a discussion is a testament to the quality of the game. Everyone will always have a different GOAT game, but there are those who are in contention. This guy argues MGS4 is one of them.

ThanatosDMC3958d ago

"Now i have to buy my own sh1t" <--- HAHAHAH

Bubbles for you!

cmrbe3958d ago

MGS1 left me in awe.

MGS2 left me confused.

MGS3 left me in tears(literal).

MGS4 left me speechless.

@Sonuars. With great power comes great responsibility hehe yeah i know what you mean :).

solidt123958d ago

Yeah this will go down as the best game in history. I just beat the game with the rating of an eagle. It took 24 hours.

NO_PUDding3958d ago

For me, I doubt I ahve been gamign as long. I startign gamign witht he Playstation.

So I played MGS and MGS3 (had to play MGS2 more recently) and they were special, and idneed Psycho Mantis did effect me, and my perception of games a lot.

But Shadow of the Colossus is all I ever think about when I think of most memorable experiences. Every moment I experienced int hat, seemed to portray some depth, even if it was pretentious.

I lvoed it, and that for me is the best game ever. Best agme this generation? MGS4 hands flat down.

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supergamer3958d ago

i agree, MGS4 is an EPIC MASTERPIECE and should not be missed!

kingOVsticks3958d ago

daaaamn straight. Okay that meta score has been 9.6 15 10's ago when is it hitting up 9.7 >_<

-Maverick-3958d ago

It most certainly is. Take in what all the reviews are saying BOTS.

PS3 just got the best game so far this generation. hahhahahahahahah


SmokingMonkey3958d ago

you know how everyone has been talking about video games and movies eventually merging?
MGS4 will go down in history as the 1st game to achieve this masterpiece Movie/Game/Anime hybrid.
i hope future games have cutscenes like MGS4's, makes for better Single Player experience. and online Multiplayer and co-op are also a must IMO

thesummerofgeorge3958d ago

I agree, the cutscenes are what makes the experience what it is, and when they're as seamless as MGS4 it makes you really feel like you're interacting with a sick ass movie. Fight between Raiden and Vamp (the first one) .... Easily the sickest cutscene in videogame history (in my opinion of coarse).

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