Weekly PS3 Sales Top Weekly Wii Sales for the First Time Since Spring 07'

VGChartz writes: "The exclusive Playstation 3 release, Metal Gear Solid 4, alongside special bundles and deals to promote the game worldwide have pushed PS3 hardware sales above Wii hardware sales for the first time in 2008 . Still, the battle was still close, with PS3 sales at 320,000 units compared to Wii sales at 296,000 units. In the 'Others' region PS3 has outsold Wii three times in 2008 , though unlike in Japan and the Americas, this week was not one of those times that PS3 outsold Wii. The Americas has seen the greatest supply issues for Wii in 2008, and PS3 has been able to capitalize on the issue four times this year . Lastly, in Japan this week PS3 was able to outsell Wii for the first time in 2008 .

Since the PS3 launched November 2006, PS3 has only managed to outsell Wii worldwide in a given week three times . Two of the weeks were associated with the PS3 European launch in the Spring of 2007, and the third is this week. Since launch in the Americas, Wii has outsold PS3 all but seven weeks . The story is similar in 'Others'; Wii has outsold PS3 in all but eight weeks , though with less sales time in the European segment of Others, it is clearly the strongest PS3 region. As for Japan, PS3 has now outsold Wii a total of four times , including this week, since each machine was available in the region."

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Silogon3771d ago

Wii is also selling at 300 to 400 dollars less than the PS3 at "ANY GIVEN TIME" Fuksing morons.

avacadosnorkel3771d ago

how did they know that MGS 4 would put every next gen game to shame?

I regret not buying the LE from Gamestop.

But I will show MGS 4 to everyone and spread the word.

....This is what I thought next gen would do when I signed up at launch for a 360.

erodrig3771d ago

wow thats crazy well n good look at how ps3 got a push just wanna know till the end of the month and if sony its making more bundles asap for all regions it needs to have it if they want good sales cause im playing mgs4 curently and its amazing game HIDEO KOJIMA ROCKS

cmrbe3771d ago

Correct me if i am wrong but i think even MC wasn't able to do this.

erodrig3771d ago

yeah what the hell is MC

cmrbe3771d ago

Master Chief. I think i remember that the Wii still outsold the x360 even when Halo3 came out. I could be wrong.

bama3770d ago

Nope 360 outsold Wii for a straight month in U.S. and Europe.

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RobertGonz693771d ago

thought is that Sony should have done more on adverting. The numbers would have been higher.

pwnsause3771d ago

same here. that was dumb on their part.

bama3770d ago

No its selling to the same core fanbase. they don't need advertising. Why waste money on it? Anyone looking forward to MGS4 already new about it.

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