Review: Destiny (New Gamer Nation)

Destiny has caught everyone’s eye since the day it was announced. Add on a long summer drought where no major triple AAA games were really released and people craved it even more. If you played the alpha and the beta the elements you didn’t like then, you still won’t like, and likewise, the things you loved before, you'd still love. Destiny is a mixed bag in countless ways. From the gameplay, to the genre itself, to loot collecting and even leveling up. Destiny feels very similar to many other titles out there, but at the same time, it is hard to compare it to any specific game with so many unique attributes it has. It would be very easy to claim Destiny as a disappointment, because in many ways it can be twisted that way. But if that was the case, why are so many people playing the game? The reason is simple: it’s great.

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