8 Songs That Made Video Game Scenes Great

Video games don’t typically feature pop songs and rock tracks as much as mainstream movies – but when they do the results are often explosive.

Offering up some of the finest marriages of music and imagery ever seen in the medium, Luke Wilson picks out 8 great songs that made memorable video game scenes even better.

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shodan741491d ago

That ride into Mexico in Red Dead has to be one of my all-time favourite moments in gaming. Rockstar created a beautiful open world - and that sequence showed it off at its most mesmerizing.

3-4-51491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

* Music is the most underrated part of the game.

Those sounds help lock the memory in place and time, and helps us to recall the feeling it gave us when we witnessed something.

* I LOVE Video game music, it's so diverse in terms of genres but it's always disguised to fit it's game genre.

My list would be in the Thousands though.

There are 200-300 NES songs alone that are "special" to me, as well as thousands from SNES/Sega/N64 and so on...

* with Ocarina of time, the music helped make those moments special to us. It's part of the reason most are so fond of the game.

Music builds atmosphere and emotion.

1491d ago
CaptainCamper1491d ago

For me it's a no brainer. Skrillex on Far Cry 3 when burning all the weed fields. Awesome moment :D

contradictory1491d ago

music can really enhance games
used to be especially true with JRPG's backwhen