New Fable 2 Gameplay

Video shows gameplay footage of a village from Fable 2.

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nice_cuppa3777d ago

back in a mo !

must watch !

The Power of Red3777d ago

what are you enthusiastic about?
please enlighten me, because this video is really unimpressive.

jaysquared3777d ago

Yeah it was unimpressive just like the gameplay videos of Resistance 2..

nice_cuppa3777d ago

are you really expecting anyone to listen to your opinion of a 360 exclusive game ?

really ?

STARS3777d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy. Resistance 2 will blow this garbage looking game out of the water. Have fun with your PS2 graphics. I'll take Fallout 3 over this crap any day.

Hydrolex3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

OMGGGGGG 360 fans overhype it so much ! I was in Gamespot and everyone was talking about Fable and I was like what game is Fable 2 ?

Is that Fable 2 ??????????? And you really Love that game ?????

So you probably would kill yourself for MGS4

Seriously look at the graphics, characters, voices and characters movings !! WOW Oh my GOD

Highwayman3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )


Whatever helps him sleep at night, huh? Sounds like you could use some of that as well. Resistance is by far one of the most dull games I've ever played, by far.
The only reason why it is touted so much was because it was the only decent game the PS3 had for a long time! Now that a few more titles have come about...e.g. MGS4 and more notably Uncharted ( I though this game was more fun )
You would still tout Resistance. There was nothing ground breaking in that game. Hell, the Halo series has more tilt and better looking graphics to me. That is saying something as I do not like Halo very much at all! The videos for Resistance 2 look the same as the first game. And now that the PS3 has better games out than Resistance, I'm surprised to see the Sony fans touting it so much. As for Fable 2. This game isn't meant to make graphical benchmarks this is intentional. Lionhead nd the fans like the way it looks as it retains that Fable feel/look. Although I daresay that Fable 2 will have gameplay that will far surpass Resistance 2. If I want a FPS experience I've no further to look that COD4, which has more tilt and has better gameplay mechanics than Resistance by far. COD4 also looks much better.
And last. PS2 graphics? You and I honestly know that this game looks better than PS2 graphics. An old man who is half blind could see this, therefore making your comment irrational.

Good day, now.


Ah yes. More graphic comparisons between MGS4 and Fable 2. I swear all of you Sony fans care for only graphics. As MGS4 isn't all that, it's good, but not great! MGS4 fails at the gameplay aspect. I would much rather have a game with graphics that are good and have great gameplay as opposed to great graphics with good gameplay. And no I would not "kill" myself to play MGS4, I already played it. I doubt anyone else would "kill" themselves, either.


Wow, man that was a weak argument. I've constantly have seen some graphical errors in most of the "next gen" games......By the way since Fable 2 is a disgrace to "next gen" games. Care to elaborate on the exact definition of "next gen"? Piece of Sh!t, huh? Is this all that your limited vocabulary and limited intellect gives you for the sake of an argument? Wow strong ammo, there buddy.
Resistance 2 doesn't look 10x better. You remind me of some old lady who claims that there were 100 men on a persons property, when there were actually 3. Fable looked better!?!? This part of your argument is laughable at best. Your level of immaturity is just astonishing!

cito35th3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

just look around :15 seconds of the video when he is folding his arms, you notice his clothing GOING THROUGH HIS ARM!!!! THE LAST TIME I SAW THAT WAS IN A PS2 GAME!!!!!

wow that was a piece of $hit!!!!

and 360 fanboys are proud of that?! wow how sad!!!

even resistance 2 looks 10x better than this and thats pretty pathetic!!!

i think the first fable looked better than that!!!!!!

3777d ago
Highwayman3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )


Cry more?? Where does this come from?? Why would I be crying exactly?? I am a Fable fan, yes. Xbox 360 fan, yes, but I also love my PS3! Oh, so selective fire on some "creative" weapons was innovative? 40 player multiplayer wasn't innovative either, it's just numbers. Running at 720p, this is innovative how? I never played Perfect Dark and I'm very content with that. I don't much care if MS releases another one.
Yes MGS4 is somewhat bland. And yes the game is good, not great. I don't care for the opinions of sheep. MGS4 didn't deserve any 10s! No game does, including Fable and Fable 2! Every game has flaws some more pronounced than others.

Halo 3 a game of quality? yet you're bashing Fable 2?? Halo 3 is nothing more that halo 2 in HD, I'm sorry but it is. Halo's gameplay is the same, a little rehashed. Sure the multiplayer has some tilt, not much. Fable 1.5? Now you're just being dumb. It clearly says Fable 2.
And yet you wanna counter me with all of this innovation in these "quality games" and dismiss that Fable 2 will have tons of innovation. You're basing the whole of your opinion on graphics alone. Where is the innovation in halo 3? Both Bioshock and Gears of War are really good games.
And to clarify. I said that MGS4 is a good game. I enjoyed it, however I disliked losing control. It provided some fun, yes. But the gameplay is basically the same sine the beginning of the series. A few mior innovations, yes, but nothing major imo. If I were to rate MGS4. I'd say an 8.
We apprently have a different view on what is innovative and what is quality.
Fallout 3 will be good as well. I do not know how good it will be. I think Fable 2 will be better. But I am a HUGE Fable fan. No one can really deny that it isn't a fun game that you can jump into and just have fun.
Lastly, This video isn't represenitive of Fable 2's final build. As I'm sure it'll look much better. Did you even watch this in HD? It does make a difference. Resistance 2 looks a little better than the first, not by much though.
I will give it to you that Resistance 2 will look better than Fable 2, but I don't particulary care for graphics. They don't make or break a game for me. I'm sure that if Lionhead had set out by saying "we need the best looking graphics we can possibly get" I'm sure it would look much better. And it will look a bit better come release. All one has to do is watch the GDC videos about Co-Op to see that the graphics are coming along nicely.

mikeslemonade3777d ago

What I don't get is why the 360 owners trying to defend this game. Just be real and complain about the graphics and maybe Peter Molyneux will change it. Gosh if all games have crappy graphics like GTA4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Banjo, and Fable 2 were gonna be moving backwards and soon next generation all the systems will be like the Wii.

bozobucketeer3777d ago

Are you really basing your opinion of the graphics on this low quality, low resolution video? I just can't understand it. That's like me taking a picture of you with my cellphone from 50 feet away and saying you look mentally retarded. Which isn't fair to you at all, because I can't base if you're retarded on your appearance from 50 feet away with a cellphone camera, I base that on the fact that you find it reasonable to make a decision on graphics with a crappy quality video.

cito35th3777d ago

oh please, cut the non-sense!
you are just mad because it does look bad!

this is a direct feed from the game, it was not like a cam or something!!

those visuals were pathetic and you are still backing this up? wow how ignorant can you be!

TheSadTruth3777d ago

sorry but even as a proud owner of xbox 360.. that looked terrible
the graphics look marginally better than the first... if better at all

littletad3777d ago

Simply go over here ---->

Where there is a whole new world for you to enjoy and bash anyone who doesn't love Sony or Microsoft. It's a gameplay footage of a great franchise. Enjoy it, not create a ridiculous fan war which has nothing to with this trailer.

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poos33777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

very low quality vid but man this game the a.i is unmatched by any rpg this game is going to be huge.

edit: dont worry the OP Is sony tropll he only post bad quality 360 vids dont let him fool you

SpecialSauce3777d ago

that was point less all that video did was show u the environment.

iMad3777d ago

Here is a better quality of the same video

3777d ago
KidMakeshift3777d ago

It just looks like Fable 1 to me. I still want to play it, but I have no anticipation for it