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GR: Isn’t it funny how we form a relationship with our favorite games? Sometimes those relationships take no time at all, growing strong bonds between our thumbs and the controller, the images on screen, the sounds, and mechanics. Sometimes a game can take excruciatingly long to form that connection though it may quickly foster and cement it in a twist of narrative or an incredible choice that splits the path into multiple avenues of player agency.

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Foehammer1486d ago

"Ahead of release, it’s one of the few games that has me ready to preorder thanks almost only to its gorgeous visual design."

Looking good.

cruzngta1486d ago

We need more games like this. Would have been nice to see this go multiplat but I will be enjoying it on my XB1. Crackdown meets Saints Row meets Jet Set Radio.

PCBOX1486d ago

I am telling this from the beginning:The game looks incredible and offers pure fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.