Sunset Overdrive Preview: Xbox One Exclusive Puts Fun First | IBTimes UK

Fun runs through everything in Sunset Overdrive. Every moment, every mechanic, every character and bit of scenery is designed to first and foremost be about establishing a fun factor developers Insomniac Games hope will set their Xbox One exclusive apart from the sequels and remasters of this year's release schedule.

Their relentless pursuit of entertainment value above all else is noble one in an industry often accused of being po-faced and bereft of self-awareness, but at the same time Sunset Overdrive runs the risk of being all vibrancy and knowing winks at the cost of sufficient gameplay depth.

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NeoGamer2321513d ago

Seemed to be a good, honest preview...

Looks like the game will probably score in the low to mid 80's on average.

But, most games in this genre don't get really high scores. So I am not concerned...

Foehammer1513d ago

Agree, there are a lot of very positive previews out for this game.

Same goes for some others like D4 and Forza Horizon 2.