Is the PS Vita dead ?

Glossy, shiny and capable of so many things to so many people. Where has the PS Vita gone wrong (other than the fact it will pull your pants down to your ankles if you manage to get it into your pocket.....)

It’s been no secret that Sony’s latest handheld, the PS Vita has been struggling to take off since it release a couple of years ago. But does this mean that the Vita is just going to fade away and be forgotten? I do..

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rarity1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

it's loved here in japan there's also a lot of games(that aren't indies)coming out for it(even though they're not targeted at the western audience) so i wouldn't say it's dead it's just not selling well worlwide. i mean you have freedom wars,senran kagura shinobi versus,soul sacrifice delta gets free dlc constantly,god eater 2 rage burst,chaos rings trilogy+chaos rings 3,bullet girls,criminal girls, p4 dancing all night,hyperdimension neptunia action u,hyperdimension neptunia re'birth 1,2 and 3,SAO 3,digimon cyber sleuth,gravity daze 2(already confirmed to be a vita game by famitsu) and the list goes on like i said here in japan it's wonderful it's the rest of the world that has a problem with it...

thatbasedgamer19901540d ago

Once I finish Uni, im moving to Japan seriously!

rarity1540d ago

ご滞在をお楽しみください :)

XBLSkull1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Lol after beating ninja gaiden my PS vita was dead. NG2 had frame rate problems and wasn't worth playing. I've had the thing for a year and have not touched it in 11 months. Maybe it is getting better but playing remote play on killzone SF was atrocious, that rear touch pad is worthless. Heard Diablo was good though. I regret having ever bought the thing. I'd gladly trade it for a keg of beer.

xHeavYx1540d ago

Oh, look, XBLSkull talking crap about a Sony product again.

I use my VITA every day, especially on those long commutes to work. I've only bought 1 game for it, since PS+ has been very generous with VITA games

NukaCola1540d ago

XBLSkull just go away.

I use my Vita all the time. I love it more than phone or 3DS gaming. I also am a big indi fan so I get spoiled. Can't wait for the 150 games coming from the NEOgaf thread. Plus Oddworld is hitting Vita soon!

zero_gamer1540d ago

Japan has so much going for the Vita. The games I play on mine are imported from Japan. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 recently released here, but I have been playing Re;Birth 2 since long ago. I can't wait for the newly announced Re;Birth 3.

Odoylerules0001540d ago

Ever been there? Its a great time, I highly recommend it. In other news... it turns out XBLSkull saw his big bro drinking beer and wanted to sound grown up so... he talks about a keg of beer in his comment! Tweens try so hard.

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joeorc1540d ago

That's very good to hear, that is exactly why playstation TV is being made to make the Vita platform more viable in the west. It may work out or it may not, at least Sony is trying.

Death1540d ago

How is PlaystationTV going to help Vita? If anything it will kill sales since you will be able to remote play and access PSNow from any other tv with PlaystationTV. The upscaler was removed from Vita when Sony decided to go with PlaystationTV which supports 1080i output.

Sony isn't trying to help Vita with PlaystationTV, they are making it less relevant.

Anon19741540d ago

It's really not that complicated. PSTV is based on the Vita hardware. The more Vita based harware there is out in the wild, the larger the install base of the system the more developers see it as a viable platform to develop for. If you can't see how that would help the Vita, I don't know what to tell you.

The Vita and PSTV are also not in direct competition with each other as one is a dedicated home console, the other a mobile gaming device. I really don't see how anyone could believe that one is going to hurt sales of the other. Makes about as much sense as saying the 3DS is hurting Wii-U sales.

Concertoine1540d ago

Its like the Saturn.

Can hold its own in Japan, outside of Japan its basically a niche product with a cult fanbase begging for localizations.

Concertoine1540d ago

Not sure why people disagree. Im not jeering, like the saturn the vita has some good games (actually more than the saturn id say). Im just saying the sales split between the two consoles are similar, in that the vita is simply not getting the sales it deserves in part due to a lack of localization for all the software in japan.

3-4-51540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Only Vita game I see myself buying is Tales of Hearts.

The rest of these games just don't really appeal to me.

* I've tried like 15 Vita games and I've only found like 3-4 I actually truly like.

I've never had that problem on any other handheld or console.

* I just want some more traditional RPG games like Legend of Heroes or SOMETHING like that.

Almost everything is TOO Niche.

* Love the Atelier series Art style, but I personally have no interest playing as a girl in a skirt for 3 games.

So there goes those....

I don't like 1st person dungeon crawling RPG's either... so there goes like 4-5 games I won't be playing.

* Wipeout looks fun, the PsP one is, but the rest of the driving games look iffy at best.

* I have MLB the Show 13, which is a really solid game, and I had MvC:3 but returned it.

* It's like they made ALL the Vita games for the 10% who REALLY like that style, and kind of screwed over the other 90%.

I KNOW I'll get hate.....because other Vita owners can't seem to understand that NOT Everybody wants to play perv games, or run around as a girl in a short skirt.

Some of us just want to play some NORMAL fun traditional games.

I THOUGHT that is what I was getting with a Vita.

I THOUGHT it would be like my PSP, where there is a GREAT variety, and tons of quality games.

So far I WAS WRONG.....It's on me, but I don't want to give up yet.

I still have some faith we will get some better games, but all the games I thought I was going to like, turned out to be just so-so to me, or just didn't appeal to me.

* I play all genres for the most part, on almost every type of gaming device imagineable since the 1980's.

I'm open minded, and given some of these games a try, and I STILL don't like them....

They are making the wrong types of games for the Vita and it's killing the sales.

* So yea go ahead and "disagree" with me EMO kid, but not everybody wants to perv on animated women.

DualWielding1540d ago

I agree I do like games like Neptunia, but not those that go over the top with fanservice like Monster Monopiece.... the problem of the Vita is that most of its exclusive games are japanese games that feature sexualised depictions of underage girl which puts most westerners off

Odoylerules0001540d ago

"So yea go ahead and "disagree" with me EMO kid, but not everybody wants to perv on animated women."
You're a badass! How's that working out for you.... being all badass?

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WeAreLegion1540d ago

I don't want to say it is because I love the Vita and still play it constantly, but it's definitely in a coma outside of Japan. I don't blame Sony for moving support to PS4, but they never gave Vita the support it needed.

joeorc1540d ago

See above, that's exactly why Sony is putting out the playstation TV for in the west , with the Viacom deal and it being about $100.00 to $70.00 cheaper entry price point, the "Vita" platform may have best been served to have been a micro-game console instead of a mobile device released in the west. And I think that is why Sony is shifting resources of the "vista" to that of playstation TV.

GdaTyler1540d ago

The problem is that it doesn't even have the name Vita. Common customers wouldn't know and probably might ignore it anyways.

Death1540d ago

The problem is PlaystationTV and Vita have some compatability, but not for Vita specific features or functions. Developers are not going to start supporting Vita now that the platform is being split. PlaystationTV is Sony's device that will make PSNow streaming possible for non Sony PSNow enabled HDTV's. Much of the appeal the Vita has for PS4 owners will be moved to PlaystationTV.

PlaystationTV is another nail in the Vita's coffin.

jacksons981540d ago

If you have PS Plus you might as well get a Vita.
I don't game a lot on my portables, but the free games every month make the purchase more than worth it.

avengers19781540d ago

If only I could find one. I'm thinking there's gonna be a re- release. I'm hoping to find one soon. I have plus so free games a plenty