Destiny Bug Makes It Impossible For Players To Level Up And How To Avoid It

"Some players in Destiny may find it impossible for them to level up past a certain point because of a bugged material, needed for upgrading legendary armor (which increases the Light level and thus increasing the character’s level)."

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patsrule3161580d ago

Great...I am a hunter who signed up with the Future War Cult. I was just getting close to being able to buy my first piece of legendary armor. I am rank 1 and halfway to 2. I'll have to switch to a different group, I guess. I really wanted the intelligence/discipline combo, but I suppose I could go intelligence/strength.

Jdoki1580d ago

Or, y'know, not worry about it too much, keep gaining rep, and wait for Bungie to fix it and most likely compensate those players who needed the motes and not shards.

We don't know how quick Bungie are going to be to fix these things, but considering it's already been acknowledged is a good sign.

Doesn't seem worth ditching FWC, when you're nearly at Rank 2.

snookiegamer1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Join 'The New Monarchy'....for Strength/Intellect boosting, it's the best faction in the dang game!!!

Naga1580d ago

Dead Orbit will rule all!


MrChicagoWind1580d ago

New Monarchy baby, add me on PSN MrChicagoWind (PS4)

ScaryMonkey1580d ago

Future War Cult for life!

1580d ago
TIER1xWOLFPACKx1580d ago

I went with future warcult and never encountered this issue all armour I bought from them used ascendant shards

kaizokuspy1579d ago

ascendent shards can be gained from dismantling legendary weapons/gear. 2 per item. Pretty easy and definitely not game breaking. All these articles that hate are because no one has played thoroughly or explored enough with FRIENDS to get all the info. :(

hy6e1579d ago

It's just Hunter armour which needs ascendant motes.

BlackWolf121579d ago

You aren't limited to just one faction, you can buy the accessory item from any of the 3, or all 3 at once.

mixolydian_id1579d ago

Proper Zoolander issue here

"One look... ONE LOOK!"

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HotSoup1580d ago

How is this possible? sounds more like a major F'up then a bug.

Jdoki1580d ago

It is rather surprising that something so fundamental for this Faction was not picked up in testing...

kaizokuspy1579d ago

its not. you get them from dismantling legendary armor/weapons. not game breaking. ALL THESE HATE ARTICLES ARE FROM THOSE WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THINGS PAST LEVEL 20

LazyGoron1580d ago

Hunter - Future War Cult material required is "Ascendant Mote", these don't exits and Bungie dev confirmed it's a bug.

If you're a Hunter, don't buy stuff from Future War Cult until they patch it.

So... 3 classes, 3 cults... dammit if I didn't pick a hunter... and pick Future War :(

the_dark_one1580d ago

i did the same.
its ridiculous that this is even happening

LazyGoron1580d ago

Honestly the first time, despite all people say about this game, that I've thought negatively about Bungie as devs.

How is this missed? There has to be coding that makes it read "motes" and not "shards". There literally is a requirement for some armor that doesn't exist LOL. No testers, devs, etc noticed this?

How extensive was the testing? Makes me wonder what other little issues there are with the higher (it takes a good amount of playing to even be able to guy this gear) level items. Seems like Bungie didn't test all the way to Level 30 with every cult, class, items, etc.

kaizokuspy1579d ago

They will have it fixed probably by tomorrow or the next day.

the_dark_one1580d ago

this is actually ridiculous. how can you program something to use something else that doesnt exist??

Jdoki1580d ago

Most likely the item does exist but someone screwed up an entry in the loot tables that dictate how frequently something drops (if at all).

It could be as simple as typo in a loot table somewhere that stopped the item being given out to the player.

Sure, it could be something bigger - but I would hope (and imagine) that Bungie could adjust the loot tables for FWC to either sort out the drop rates for those Motes, or change the item ID entirely so it could use Shards or something else that actually exists!

Gamerbeyond1580d ago

in lue of fixing the bug, you are recommended to just avoid it. haha

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